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Autumn 2

Week 1

Bonfire Night is a very exciting time and is an ideal opportunity to inspire children. We made firework pictures which were very hard word but the final pieces of artwork are very effective, it is just like being at a real firework display! Not only did the pictures test our creative skills, we were also developing our fine motor skills, which is essential for holding a pencil and sustaining writing for longer periods of time.


We also wrote acrostic poems about Bonfire Night. An acrostic poem is where the first letters of each line spell out a word or phrase. Some children used the word 'Bonfire' and some children were challenged with the two words 'Bonfire Night'.


We used another exciting game this week which really helped us to learn how to read and spell those 'Common Exception Words' that Mrs Tordoff keeps going on about! They really are very important words because once we can read and spell them, we will be able to read more fluently which will help with our understanding of books. The game is called 'Little Bird Spelling' and you can find a link below.


Mrs Tordoff is getting new carpets at her house and we needed to help her measure the floor. We started by using cubes but we thought the carpet company might not have cubes so we used a ruler to measure and decided that a ruler wasn't long enough and it would take too long. We then used tape measures and metre sticks to measure bigger objects and spaces. We compared and ordered objects and spaces and learnt lots of new vocabulary related to measuring. We just have to keep reminding Mrs Tordoff to say centimetres or metres after her measurements so that we know which unit of measure she has been using. (Otherwise that carpet of hers could turn out to be a real disaster!) The week ended with a maths investigation, measuring how far different toy vehicles travelled when they left the bottom of a ramp. Sometimes we were able to measure using a ruler but sometimes we needed to use the metre stick.


This week has been the last week of our very exciting topic 'Towers, Tunnels and Turrets. We have shared our learning with each other and also with our families in our Class Assembly on Friday. Thank you to everyone who came to see their children and thank you to all parents and carers for your support last half term. For any parents/carers who missed our assembly,the link below is for the power-point and I'm sure your child would love to share it with you.

Remember our letters to parents are put on our website so if you lose a letter please check under the parents' section of your child's school and you should find a copy there.