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Autumn Term 1

Autumn 1 Week 1

In Class 1 we have had an amazing first week at school.  All the children have settled in beautifully and it feels like we have been together for weeks, not just 3 days!


The children have been learning about our new topic 'Paws, Claws and Whiskers', we have looked at the type of pets that we have at home and have enjoyed playing in our vet role-play area.  At certain points this week there has been quite a waiting time in order to be seen by a vet but rest assured that no animals have been hurt during the week :) 


We have been learning the phoneme 's' and 'a' and finding words that begin with those sounds.  In maths we have been doing lots of counting and recognising numbers. 


Another exciting addition that we have to the outdoor area in class 1 is our bespoke mud kitchen that Mr Bamforth has generously made for us during the holidays- Thank you, we can't wait to get the mud pies started!


All in all an incredible start to school life here at St Michaels, well done everyone!

Autumn 1 week 2

We have had another amazing arrival this week in class 1 in the form of our new taxi.  We have spent lots of time driving each other to far and wide places and as if that wasn't enough we also made a reading boat using tyres!


In Maths we have been counting in order to and back from 10 and finding missing numbers.  We have had lots of fun pretending to be rockets and counting down from 10-0 and 'blasting off'. 


In literacy we have been focussing on the Dear zoo story and looking at and naming different varieties of animals.  


In RE we have worked with our Class 5 buddies to draw and talk about our families and celebrate the love and care that they give to us. 




Autumn 1 week 3


This week we have been exploring sensory play with moon sand... we got a little dusty but we had lots of fun practising letter formation and playing.  

We have been building using our large construction blocks and letting our imaginations run wild!


In Maths we have been looking for missing numbers and using dominoes to figure out which number would come next in a sequence.  


PE has been lots of exciting and we have been learning about using space and ways to move around.  Mr Johnson has taught us a game of 'beanbag!' and it is lots of fun. 


Mrs Weston has been singing with us in RE and we all enjoyed singing along to 'our God is a great big God'. We talked about how God shows us that he loves and cares for us. 

Week 4

This week we have been learning more sounds from the alphabet in FS2 and in Year 1 we have been continuing to practise 'blending' sounds to read words. 


In maths we have been counting in 2's which has been quite tricky but we've become very good at it!


As part of our Paws, Claws and Whiskers topic we have been creating some amazing artwork using hand prints.  Can you guess the animals that we have been painting?


We had a special visitor in Class 1 this week- Mrs Warris's new Grandson Zakk, at only 9 days old he was the youngest visitor we have ever had! The children were extra quiet and all of them loved him. 

Week 5

In class 1 this week we have been spending lots of time outside exploring the first signs of Autumn.  We have been collecting conkers from home and using them to roll down tubes and pipes; finding the best way to do it.  


Counting in 10's has been lots of fun this week and we're getting very good at it!


In PE we played games that involved jumping and hopping through the crocodile infested swamp to make it to the safety of our teams.  

Week 6

Class 1 were very excited to present our first assembly to the rest of the school and to parents.  We spent a lot of time practising and we introduced ourselves and sang and danced!


This week was the final week of our Families topic in RE and we spent time thinking about how God cares for and loves all creatures, especially us. We sang 'Our God is a great big God' to finish our assembly and it was an amazing performance.


In class we looked at our photos from the last 6 weeks and realised just how much we have learnt and how much fun we have had since the beginning of September. 


Only 2 more weeks left until the October half term!



Week 7

This week we have been working really hard to answer questions relating to the learning we have done this half term.  In PE we have been balancing and learning to use space effectively.  


We have been using our fingers to count and show answers to maths questions and continued to learn lots of new sounds in phonics.  We've all been working hard to read those tricky words that we can't sound out!


Next week is going to be very exciting because we have our first school trip- we can't wait!

Week 8

Today we have had our first Class trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  We looked at the Meerkats, Lions, Tigers, Polar bears, Giraffes and many more!

In the morning we attended an education session that was lots of fun.  A worker called Rachel showed us lots of animal related artefacts and some real-life creatures.  Take a look at our photos and see if you can guess what they were...

Remember our letters to parents are put on our website so if you lose a letter please check under the parents' section of your child's school and you should find a copy there.