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Autumn Term 1

Week One

On the first day back in school the children have been busy in all areas of the provision. Building Superhero hideouts and designing in the Creation Station.

Week Two

The children have got off to a flying start with their maths this week.

We have been using the Dienes to help us with our learning about place value.

Week Three

We have been having a fantastic time in the sunshine with Mr Johnson in our PE lesson. This week we have been looking at different ways of travelling. We played a dice game to help us practice our travelling skills.

Week Four

This week we have been really enjoying the story of Supertato. We have been putting our creative skills to good use trying to recreate the main characters.

Week Five

This week we have finished our

families topic in RE and celebrated our learning with a class liturgy.

We talked about what makes a happy family and how all our families are unique and special.

Week Seven

This week Class 2 lead the school in a Harvest assembly. Sharing with our school community and parents the meaning of the harvest. They led us beautifully in prayer and song.

Week 8

This week we have been taking advantage of our wonderful grounds getting out to explore the autumn.

The children each collected and created a natural colour palette to help inspire them in their autumn poetry work.

Take a look at what Class 2 have been doing in Science Week we have been focusing on germs using 2 different experiments...



As part of taking care of our super bodies we know that staying clean is an important part of taking care of ourselves.


The Glitter Test

We sprinkled glitter on Scarlett and Lottie’s hands then asked them to act normally all day.



The Bread Test

We prepared four zippered plastic sandwich bags labelled: "control," "cough," "hands" and "desk."

We used tongs to place an untouched piece of bread in the "Control" bag. Then a child coughed on a piece of bread and placed it in the "Cough" bag. Next we all rubbed our palm across the flat surface of a piece of bread and placed it in the "hands" bag. Lastly, we rubbed the flat surface of a piece of bread on our desks and placed it in the "desk" bag. We added a spritz of water to each bag, and then sealed the bags. We placed all four bags in a dark, warm place.

We will monitor our bread throughout the course of Science Week.

Remember our letters to parents are put on our website so if you lose a letter please check under the parents' section of your child's school and you should find a copy there.