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Autumn Term 1

Week 8


We have headed into half term with a bang! Watch our volcanoes erupt and let us tell you what we have learned about rocks. We planned and conducted 3 different experiments with rocks to determine if they were sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic. 




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Now time for a more ExPlOsIvE experiment! Can you guess which volcanoes contained more vinegar?

Group 1

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Group 2

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Group 3

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Group 4

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Group 5

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Group 6

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Week 7

Another action packed week for class 3! On Tuesday we received a letter from Sir Henry Bradwell from Globe News. He was looking for some brave reporters to write about a volcano that was about to erupt. Without delay we hopped on a helicopter and were lifted to island. We first visited a village called Ruang. We noticed that they were not really being effected by the volcano so we ventured further in. Guango village which is at the foot of the Guango Mountains was covered in thick powdery ash and the sun was blocked out by the ash clouds. After we collected some photographs and notes for our reports we trekked towards the volcano. Mount Golowaya was HUGE! There was ash pouring from the crater and it was spewing out hot molten lava. After snapping a few quick pictures we boarded the helicopter and were lifted to safety. 

Making our way through the villages then witnessing the eruption of Mount Golowaya!

We have been learning our times tables this week and have done daily tables races - we were given 5 minutes to answer 100 times tables sums! We used songs to help us learn our tables, what do you think?

Week 6

Our volcanoes are well under way! We made the shell using cardboard, a plastic bottle and scrunched up paper secured in place with masking tape. We then applied several layers of paper mache to give the volcano its shape and make the surfaces smoother. This took a couple of weeks because the glue needed to dry between each layer. Then we researched volcanoes to give us an idea of the colours we should use. It took a few layers of paint to cover all the newspaper! Stay tuned to see our volcanoes erupt!

Week 5

We have been learning all about what happened years ago in Pompeii. In literacy, we had to be detectives and look at all the clues to find out what happened. We found out that a huge volcano called Vesuvius erupted and covered the city of Pompeii in hot ash. We have been writing historical stories based on what happened in Pompeii and are sending our stories to Park Street for some of the children over there to read and enjoy. 

Week 4

We have been learning about Jesus' family and how they provide a good example of a loving and caring family. We looked at a bible story of how Mary and Joseph had to make the decision to leave their home to protect their family - and even had a go at acting some of this out! We then talked about how praying is a way people can communicate with God. We tried writing our own prayers and meditating while thinking about what we are grateful for. 

Week 3

We have had a very messy week this week as we have started building our volcanoes. We are creating the shape of the volcano using bottles and scrunched up paper. To have the volcano a sturdier and smoother appearance we are going over this with paper mache. Unfortunately, none of the aprons in school fit Miss Burland, and she has gone home plastered in glue on several occasions. 

Week 2


We have had our fist recorder lesson today! We have learned how to put our recorders together and had a go at reading some musical symbols!


We have researched volcanoes this week and in ICT we learned how to make a glossary of volcano terms in a Word document. We can even underline words and insert tables! Our work looks very fancy! 


We finally got to make a cloud in a jar in science, have a look!

Week 1 


What a fantastic first week back! We have had a very busy week this week and are ready for a restful weekend. 


In literacy we have been learning all about autobiographies and have just finished writing one. This has been a great way to get to know all about each other. 


We have been doing some really tricky learning in maths (Miss Burland loves a challenging maths lesson!) we started by reading and writing numbers in words and numerals - we even had a go at writing numbers in the tens of thousands! Today we organised numbers and some of us tried organising decimals and negative numbers.


We ended this week with a science experiment. We are looking at weather for our topic work so we had a go at making a cloud in a jar (watch the video below). We learned that clouds are formed because evaporated water which is in warm air mixes with cold air as it rises. This makes the water vapor turn back in to a liquid (condensate) and form a cloud. We ran out of time (where has this week gone?) so will have to have a go at doing it next Monday! 





Cloud in a jar experiment

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