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Autumn Term 1

Week 2


We have had our fist recorder lesson today! We have learned how to put our recorders together and had a go at reading some musical symbols!


We have researched volcanoes this week and in ICT we learned how to make a glossary of volcano terms in a Word document. We can even underline words and insert tables! Our work looks very fancy! 


We finally got to make a cloud in a jar in science, have a look!

Week 1 


What a fantastic first week back! We have had a very busy week this week and are ready for a restful weekend. 


In literacy we have been learning all about autobiographies and have just finished writing one. This has been a great way to get to know all about each other. 


We have been doing some really tricky learning in maths (Miss Burland loves a challenging maths lesson!) we started by reading and writing numbers in words and numerals - we even had a go at writing numbers in the tens of thousands! Today we organised numbers and some of us tried organising decimals and negative numbers.


We ended this week with a science experiment. We are looking at weather for our topic work so we had a go at making a cloud in a jar (watch the video below). We learned that clouds are formed because evaporated water which is in warm air mixes with cold air as it rises. This makes the water vapor turn back in to a liquid (condensate) and form a cloud. We ran out of time (where has this week gone?) so will have to have a go at doing it next Monday! 





Cloud in a jar experiment

Still image for this video
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