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Autumn Term 1

A big welcome to all the new members of Class 5 - we have a very exciting year ahead. This first topic is called Frozen Kingdom and we will be learning all about icebergs, polar animals, the effects of climate change on the polar regions and many other things.

Week 8:

This week we had a wonderful time carrying out and recording our science investigation into how animals stay warm. We looked at different insulators and predicted which would be the best before testing each one and recording the results. We then wrote up our experiments to show our findings.

A huge thank you to all the parents who came along and joined in with our parents afternoon, it was lovely to see you getting involved and I think everyone had a fantastic time.

Week 7:

Today we have been to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park as part of our Frozen Kingdom topic. We got to learn lots about polar bears during our activity session and then got to see the animals in all their glory.

Week 6:

This week we have been creating newspaper reports on the crash of the Titanic. We have looked at the structure of the actual report from the disaster and what features we would expect to see in a newspaper report. Check back here to see the final versions of our work.

Week 5:

This week we have been focusing on the RMS Titanic and the disaster surrounding its maiden voyage. The children have been writing newspaper reports of the event and have produced their own power points detailing the events and history of the ship.

Week 4:

This week we have been baking buns ready for our McMillian Coffee afternoon - we made polar bear buns to link them to our topic!

Week 3:

This week we have been looking at poetry and creating poems about the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). The children thought of some beautiful imagery to describe this amazing phenomenon. Below are some examples of their work.

Aurora Borealis Poetry

Aurora Borealis Poetry 1
Aurora Borealis Poetry 2
We have also completed (and written in our best handwriting) our descriptions of the icebergs we started last week. Below is an example of Harvey's work where he uses some fantastic adjectives and imagery.

Iceberg Description By Harvey

Iceberg Description By Harvey 1
Iceberg Description By Harvey 2
Iceberg Description By Harvey 3

Week 2

This week we have been on a spiritual retreat day with the In Reality team at St Pius. We had a brilliant day with lots of games, prayer and reflection.

Week 1

We have had a brilliant first week back and are already well on our way with our new topic. This week we looked at how icebergs form, the effects of climate change on them and how they change over time.

Iceberg Video

Still image for this video
Here the children tell you what they have found out about icebergs from our investigation.
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