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Books We Have Studied

  • The Story of the Titanic - DK HistoryNon-Chronlogical Report (Formal tone / colons / semi-colons).
  • Northern Lights - Philip Pullman - Fantasy Narrative
    (Characterisation and punctuation in direct speech).
  • Pig Heart Boy - Malorie Blackman - Diary Entries
    (Shifting levels of formality)

    - Balanced Arguments - (Subjunctive mood, unbiased writing)
  • Tracy Chapman - Fast Car - Music Study
    (Inference Skills - Guided Reading)
  • Macbeth - William Shakespeare - Newspaper Report
    (Formal language, quotes, passive voice)
  • Ruby in the Smoke - Philip Pullman - Mystery Story
    (Rhetorical questions, characterisation, direct / indirect speech)



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