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Summer Term 1

Week 7: On Thursday, Class 4 enjoyed a topic day full of research, science and crafting, all linked to our topic about the Black Death. In the morning, Class 4 researched the creepy plague doctors, and their involvement with the plague. Next, we conducted a science experiment, looking at the spread of germs using bread, linking this to how people believed the Black Death was spread among people; we contaminated each slice either by: cough, touch, 'bad air' inside bathrooms and a control slice. Finally, children had the chance to create their very own plague doctor mask in the afternoon!

Weeki 6: This week, Class 4 visit Eyam Village, a village which contracted the Plague during the second epidemic of the 17th Century. We visited the Museum and Church, learning about the residents self sacrifice and imposed quarantine to ensure the surround villages were safe. We then took a walk to the Boundary Stone, where food and supplies were often left for the villagers so the remaining residents could survive the ordeal.

Week 5: This week saw the start of our new topic: Peasants, Princes and Pestilence, delving deep into 14th Century England and the outbreak of the Black Death. We met 'Pestilence' himself and explored paintings which personified the plague as a creature of death, before research questions which the class had written using a question matrix.

Week 4:

This week we finished our statistical topic in Maths. Class 4 are now confident in interpreting bar charts, tally charts and line graphs!

Week 3:

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To complete the Explore phase of our Literacy unit on the Highwayman, Class 4 created monologues to depict the moods and atmospheres of the four major characters of the poem: The Red-coats, The Highway man, Bess and Tim the Ostler, linked to a specific verse.

We then tried to focus on our expressions to help drive the mood and atmosphere home further.


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Week 2: This week, we have looked at, a fantastic website that allows children to enjoy free coding experience using 'blocks' to represent Java Script. Students looked at existing programs and wrote algorithms or debugged an set of instructions within Minecraft! This covered the curriculum strands of: 'design, write and debug programs that accomplish specific goals'

Week 1: This week, some of the Year 5s took part in Bikeability, learning how to stay safe on bikes on roads and around the local area. We are pleased to say they are all proliferate bike riders and passed with flying colours! Well done!

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