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Key Stage 1

Please note that there is lots of useful information in the Early Years and Phonics sections of how you can support your child's learning at home. 


Parents and carers can help your child's learning every day, by supporting and encouraging them and being excited by their learning. 



Reading at home should be fun, something that you both look forward to and a time for laughter and talk. Children should read at home every day. Credits are awarded to all children who have read at home a minimum of three times within a week and adults have written to confirm it in the child's reading record.


Here's some tips for making reading time fun: 


* Share the reading, take turns. 

* All children like to be read to, so keep reading to them. 

* Visit the library together and let your child choose books that they want to read. 

* Let your child see you enjoying reading. 

* Point out words on signs, shops and labels when you're out and about. 

* Make reading an enjoyable, interesting and special time without any interruptions. 



We want all of the children at Sacred Heart to be outstanding authors. Writing and reading are part of every aspect of your child's life and while children do lots of literacy based activities at school, there are lots of ways that you can support your child at home. 


The basis of good writing is dependent on knowing lots of words and being able to join them together in interesting ways. 

Encourage your child to: 

* explain a game or activity

* describe a person, place, picture of thing

* retell stories

* talk about things that they have done in detail

* predict what might happen next in a story, tv programme or a film 

* play word games


Encourage your child to write for real purposes; eg. shopping lists, birthday/Christmas list, labels, invitations, emails to friends, cards for special occasions, a diary. 

Have an exciting selection of writing materials available for your child to use. 

Praise your child for trying and don't dwell on mistakes. Focus on the content and enjoyment of writing for fun and purpose. 


Encourage and support your child to learn weekly spellings and their latest read write inc sounds. Write the spellings that they are learning in sentences. 


Click on the links below for further information about how to support your child when writing at home



In Key Stage 1, it's important for children to get to grips with maths in a very practical, hands-on way. They will be investigating, counting, p,laying number games and using everyday objects to help them solve problems and do calculations. Parents can help bring maths alive and help your child at home by: 


* counting with your child, eg. objects, steps, number rhymes, sometimes counting in 1's but then move onto counting in other amounts, 2's, 5's, 10's. 

* allow children to handle and use money when shopping.

* play number and counting games. 

* look for different shapes, prices, weights around the home and when you're out shopping. 

* encourage your child to learn their number bonds and multiplication tables. 

* support your child in learning about time, eg. the sequence of the day, days of the week, months of the year, facts about time, telling the time. 

Click on the links below for useful information for parents on how to support your child at home in maths:

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