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Autumn Term 1

Week 3


This week we completed the presentations to The Witan, have a look at some the speeches...

Week 2


This week have continued to develop our understanding of the events of 1066.  This has included learning more about the Bayeux Tapestry which  took over 10 years to construct by Williams wife and ladies in waiting.  To do this we have looked at a scene from the tapestry and have drawn it ourselves.  The children have worked really hard on their drawings and I look forward to putting some pictures on the website. 

Children are now on spelling week two for homework.

Welcome back to school everyone!


This year class 4 will be fortunate enough to have myself (Mrs Bogic) and Mr Bunting teach them this term.  We are also lucky to be supported by Mrs Lemon during the mornings. 

After a nice long rest class 4 have returned to school to start the new topic of 1066.  In doing so we are currently completing fact files about our chosen future king.  We plan to use these fact files to create a presentation (using both power point and speech) to present our case to the Witan.  This will be in the style of an X factor panel.  The children have learnt about the prospective kings Harald Hadrada, Edgar Aethling, William the Duke of Normandy as well as Harold Godwineson.  They are currently carrying out their own research to develop their arguments to support their succession of King Edward to the throne.

Class 4 have also looked at the Bayeux tapestry which we learnt was not actually a tapestry but embroidery, in doing so we have started drawing a section of it to go in our topic books.

For homework this week children have had the next 6 weeks of spelling put into their books, they have to practise their times tables as well as writing a story or poem using 3 chosen words.

Great start Class 4 - well done!

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