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Pupils really enjoyed learning Taekwondo - see leaflet if they wish to continue.

Pupils really enjoyed learning Taekwondo - see leaflet if they wish to continue. 1


St Helen's Raised £215.47


CAFOD Brighten Up


Children in Need




Class 1 gave the Gift of Play

Having a creative outlet for their energy can be vital to stop children falling into the clutches of violent gangs. This charity gift can pay for music and dance classes providing children with a safe place to relax, make friends, learn something new and have fun!



Class 2 gave Chirpy Chickens

This charity gift provides chickens, along with training to help look after them, so poor families can produce eggs to eat and sell.



Class 3 gave The Goat that Gives

Not only does the charity gift of a goat provide a family with up to 12 pints of milk a week – which they can drink or sell – it also produces free fertiliser which they can use to help grow crops.



Class 4 gave Fantastic Fish

What a catch! This gift of fast-growing and easy-to-farm fish will net a poor family a long-term source of nutritious food and help them scale up their business. This charity gift provides 500 fish and the tools and training needed to build a pond and maintain a fish farm.



Class 5 gave a Vegetable Garden

This charity gift can help a poor family facing difficult farming conditions plant and maintain their own vegetable garden.



A cheque was sent to Children in Need





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