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Autumn Term 1

Week 3

Our Amazing Superhero Clay Figures!

Our final mission in Class 2, this Friday, was to use our knowledge of Superheroes to create our own 3-D models using air-drying modelling clay. 


Everyone was so excited by our task and the Superheroes we created look fantastic. 


Make sure you tune in next week to take a closer look at our creations when we have added even more detail and have painted them!

Week 2

Superheroes and Villains P.E

Superheroes and Villains P.E  1
Superheroes and Villains P.E  2
Superheroes and Villains P.E  3
Superheroes and Villains P.E  4
Superheroes and Villains P.E  5
Superheroes and Villains P.E  6

On Monday, we began our week with a wonderful PE lesson in which we took on the roles of superheroes and villains.


We began our lesson balancing in poses that a superhero might use.

Then, the children used props from class to help them get into their roles and we worked on moving around in the ways a superhero or villain might move.


We ended our lesson with a fantastic game in which the children had to gain as many superpowers as they could by catching up with each other and taking rugby tags (the superpowers) off the superheroes who possessed them.


Wonderful enthusiasm was shown for our topic this session!

Fantastic effort Class 2 smiley

Week 1

Superheroes in Class 2

Our first week in Class 2 has been an exciting one!


This week, we have looked on the school iPads at pictures of superheroes in different poses such as running, jumping, landing, throwing and fighting.


We then imitated these poses whilst wearing our class superhero capes and masks and, we took photographs of ourselves as Superhero Squads.

After that, the children used an app on the iPads to create superhero posters. Don't they look fantastic?


Well Done to Everyone in Class 2.

Keep up your hard work! 

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