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Summer Term 2

Week 2

Class 5 have been really excited about the release of the latest Jurassic World film (Miss Lassu can only apologise to parents for that! frown). Because of this, we decided to create our own hybrid dinosaurs in literacy;  we must develop our persuasive skills so we can create iMovie advertisements, in order to earn a grant from the Isla Nubla laboratories to create them!

We have decided the attributes our dinosaurs will have and which species we can combine to achieve this, before generating vocabulary to describe them. We then incorporated modal verbs and have begun to plan our advertisement script, which we will do on a green screen.

In maths, we have been preparing for Year 7 by learning about linear algebra formulas. We have played dino top trumps - each attribute was a formula which we had to solve!

Keep checking back to see how our dino advertisement project develops!



This week, as part of our new R.E topic 'Reconciliation' we have been learning about how Christians help those in need, such as the terminally ill. We researched Barnsley Hospice and learnt about all of the wonderful things they do - both for those who are ill and their most loved ones.

We then used I.C.T to create our own informational or fund-raising posters for the hospice. We were very mature in our responses and enjoyed learning about the huge positive impact that Barnsley Hospice has upon people in our local community and close to us.

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