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Summer Term 2

Week 1


Welcome back everyone.  The Nursery Team are so glad to be back and are ready to start our next topic "How high can I jump?" Which means we will be getting very active and learning all about how to keep healthy.


Our first visit outside this morning was very interesting as all the tables and chairs we covered in small bugs!  We didn't know what they were so we decided to have a google search and we discovered that the bugs are actually Ladybug larva.  This means that they have hatched from the eggs that the adult ladybug has layed and are searching for food.  We tried to give them leaves to eat but they crawled away.  When discovered that they actually like to each other small insects.  Once the larva has eaten enough food it will turn into pupa and then after 5-7 days it will hatch out and be an adult ladybug.  We found this so fascinating to learn about so we have collected some of the larva in a container and we will hopefully see it turn into pupa and then a ladybug.  Watch his spaces!

Bug hunting

Today we have a fantastic time doing apparatus in PE.  We were all very brave and climb on, over and under the apparatus.  We learnt to put our arms out to help us to balance and we remembered to bend our knees when we landed on the mats.  Sophia said, "I liked the yellow apparatus best because my favourite colour is yellow."  Rowan said, "I liked the blue apparatus because it was the tallest!"  "I liked to the red apparatus because it was so high!" Isla.  Lucas also said "I like the blue one because it was so high!"  We can't wait to get the apparatus out again next week.

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