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Autumn Term 2

Week 3

On Monday, the whole school took part in Judaism Day. We were split into mixed-aged groups and spent time in each class with different teachers, learning about a different aspect of the religion.

All members of Class 5 behaved maturely and set a fantastic example to the younger children!



This week, we will be writing our final draft for our setting description, which is based around the Google Expedition landscape of the Aurora Borealis. We will then be moving onto starting to study the book - 'Pig Heart Boy.'



In maths, we are continuing to learn about fractions, and how to add and subtract groups of them, when the denominators are different, by finding a common denominator!



We will be launching our 'Blood Heart' topic on Wednesday with Miss Lassu dissecting a pig heart for the class to observe, ask questions about and take notes on! 

Week 2


It has been a busy week in Class 5 and we have been working extremely hard! On Monday, we went on our class trip to Crucial Crew. Crucial Crew is an experience set up on a 'set' where children can explore a range of scenarios, such as: arson, hoax calls, road safety, fire safety, travel safety, Internet safety, and antisocial behaviour. 

We had a very memorable day and enjoyed our time there. Our stand-out experiences included role-playing the different members of a magistrate's court and being accused of setting a wheelie bin on fire!


In maths, we have been moving onto comparing and ordering fractions, by finding a common denominator. I want to quickly mention to parents too just how much progress every single child has made so far in their times table recall skills! The speed in which they are completing their daily tests is much-improved and we are going to continue to work hard to get even better!


In literacy, we have been using Google Expeditions, which is an app in which you can explore panoramic landscapes. We have been using a scene of the Aurora Borealis, from which we will write a setting description on Monday.

The app can be downloaded on the Apple and Android app-stores for free - just type in 'Google Expeditions.'



Week 1


Thank you to all parents and carers that helped children with their new writing journals over the holidays; I look forward to reading them and feeding back!


You will now find a page dedicated to revision websites, games and resources for our class on our 'Class 5' page. I have included a link above this post. I have found websites to cover each subject and will continue to add more throughout the year. I know our class are very keen to use their tabets / laptops / PCs at home, so if we could try to encourage them to use these websites, even if only for a few minutes every day, I am sure we will see results!


This week in literacy, we are learning what is needed to make outstanding pieces of descriptive writing. We will be analysing how authors make use of the five senses: auditory (hearing), smell, taste, touch and sight, in order to creative an immersive reading experience! 


In maths, we have begun to learn about fractions. We have base-lined our current knowledge, and re-capped any common misconceptions, before moving on to simplifying fractions using common factors.



Don't forget you can find copies of letters and the term aheads important dates for each school when you click through the parents section of each school.