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Summer Term 2

This term we will be reading....

This term we will be reading.... 1
This term we will be reading.... 2

Week 2

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to St Pius! They were forensic scientists for the day examining footprints, finger prints and experimenting burning metal powders in the bunsen burners in the science labs to solve a ' Who did it' problem! They were very well behaved and had a fabulous day experiencing life at St Pius!


The year 3 children started to write memories of their year in Class 3 some of which will be shared in our upcoming class assembly!


In maths children have been continuing their fraction work. They have been looking at finding different fractions of quantities and numbers. They have also been adding fractions remembering just to add the numerator! 

St Pius Science Day

Week 1

Welcome back everyone after a well deserved two weeks off! I hope you all had a wonderful time. We are now in our final term of the year, (I don't know where the time has gone), and its going to be another very busy one!


Just to let everyone know we are still using summer term 1 spellings and this week it will be week 5 on there. Please can you continue to practise these at home and complete homework tasks till the end of term. 


The children had an amazing time at Austerfield this week! They made a river using bottles of water and a very steep hill! They had fun labeling the different parts of the river! They learnt about the water cycle and how water gets from one place to the next. We played a circle time game to remember this. The children went pond dipping searching for animals that live in the water. They sued identification charts to find out their names. The children were very well behaved and were great role models for our school. Have a look on facebook or at the website for Austerfield Study Centre for the different activities and days open to the public!

Quick reminder that all letters are available on the parents section of the website.