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Autumn 1

Week 8


In Nursery we love books.  We really enjoy sharing books with adults in school and at home.  On Monday’s we get to select a picture book to take home and share. What is your favourite book? Why not ask me which book or character I like best.  

On a very chilly and wet morning there was only one thing we wanted to do today... get togged up in our waterproof and wellies and go splashing in puddles! We had lots of fun finding the biggest puddles to jump in and counting the rain drops we caught in our hands.  

As part of our Autumn topic we listened to the story “Leaf Man”. Afterwards we collected leaves and twigs to make our own leaf man pictures.

In PE today we explored the concept of space. We practised travelling around the hall in different ways, looking for spaces to move into.  We transferred our travelling skills into the apparatus and practised jumping off and landing safely.  It was lots of fun. 

Week 7


This week we have started to learn all about Autumn. We started by looking at signs of autumn before exploring outside and searching for different coloured leaves and pine cones.  We loved venturing through woodland and were excited to see the horses in the field.  

We used the objects from our Autumnal walk to create pictures.  We found this lots of fun and decided to make silly faces. 

Week 6


Today we welcomed a new friend to Nursery. We reminded ourselves about the importance of making others feel welcome and being kind and caring.  It was delightful to see everyone playing and interacting so positively in the provision. 

In PE this week we thoroughly enjoyed getting the apparatus out.  We explored different ways of travels around the hall.  We loved climbing on, around and under the equipment and were very brave at jumping off safely too.  

Week 5


In phonics we have continued to explore instrumental sounds.  We have practised controlling and copying the way an instrument is played for different purposes.  


In maths we have loved learning the counting song, five little men.  We have enjoyed singing a variety of counting songs and had fun counting forwards and backwards up to 10.  This is something you can help me to do at home.  Why not count the stairs as you walk up them or count how many pieces of cutlery you need to set the table.  I could count how many shoes are at the door or how long it takes me to put them on my feet.  

As Autumn approaches we have been looking for changes in our environment.  We found a selection of leaves and decided to add them to a puddle. We used the leaves and twigs to make marks with the water.  

On Friday we enjoyed making play dough with Mrs Sanderson.  We added flour, salt, oil and food colouring to the mixture before cooking it in the microwave. 

Week 4


This week we have been learning all about instrumental sounds.  We have explored the noises we can make using the different instruments and changed how we play them to make the sounds louder or quieter.  We learnt that some instruments are shaken and others are hit with a beater or your hand.  We had lots of fun in our music interaction activity.

We have started to learn a selection of poems from the Poetry Basket.  Our first poem is called "Chop, chop".  Why not ask me to perform it for you?

Outside we have been learning all about ramps and how the steepness of the ramp changes the speed and distance the car travels.  We have enjoyed exploring different ways to build ramps but the guttering is our favourite.

Week 3


This week we have really enjoyed exploring the large construction equipment.  We have made lots of interesting things and worked collaboratively to share our ideas.  

Today we had our first collective worship.  We gathered together in a circle as we listened to peaceful music.  We listened to the word of God from the bible reading before we thought about the people we love and who are special to us.  We each held a heart and thought about the ways in which we show love to others.  We took it in turns to share our thoughts and reflect on God’s word.  Our mission going forth is to spread love and kindness by sharing and looking after each other. 

Week 2


This week we have welcomed our new starters to Nursery.  They have all settled in so well and are quickly getting used to our daily routines and activities.  We have had lots of fun exploring both the indoor and outdoor provision whilst making new friends.

As part of our adult focussed activity we thought about our first day of school and we talked about what we liked doing best.  Some of our favourite things included the dinosaurs, the home corner and the construction site. 

Our first snack time was very tasty 😋. We enjoyed listening to a story about Love Monster whilst we enjoyed our snack. 

Week 1


Welcome back everyone -  it has been so lovely welcoming back our Nursery children and spending time talking about what adventures they have been on during the holidays. The children were very keen to get back into the provision and it was wonderful to see them all enjoying themselves.  

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.