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Autumn Term 2

Week 4

This week our core book was “Owl Babies”  by Martin Waddell. This beautiful story of three young owls has quickly become one of Nursery’s favourites.  After reading the story we were able to talk about our favourite part, this was mainly when Mummy owl came back and the owl babies were happy again.  We loved Bill, the smallest owl because he kept saying “I want my Mummy!” We were able to join in with this repeated phrase throughout the story, which was fun.  We made owl stick puppets and put them onto our small world area so that we could keep retelling the story in our own way.  

In maths this week we have learnt all about the numeral 8.  We can identify the 8 numicon piece and know the Ten Town character is called Eric Eight and he likes things that are cold.  We really enjoyed watching Numberblocks with the octoblock adventures too. 


On Monday we went on a shape hunt.  We found lots of objects that are made up of circles, triangles, squares and rectangles.  Inside we used different shapes to make pictures.  Why don’t you go on a shape hunt around your house or garden.  How many different shapes will you find?

Wow! What a fantastic way to end of week, with our first school birthday party.  Today we celebrated all the birthdays that have happened during the months of September, October and November.   We sang happy birthday to all the birthday children and had some tasty party treats before playing pass the parcel and musical statues.  We shared our best moves on the dance floor too.  We hope you have all enjoyed it and look forward to celebrating all of our December birthdays.  

Week 3


This week we are very excited to start the World Nursery Rhyme week. Today we learnt the rhyme “The Wheels on the bus”. We even learnt the makaton signs for the song too. After singing the song we were very busy decorating a bus, practising our pencil control to draw lines to the bus stops and we used our scissor skills to cut out a bus too.  We are beginning to be more confident with the scissors but this is something we definitely need to practise at home too. 

Each day we have learnt a new song. We can’t wait to share them with you all during our showcase next week.  

As part of our collective worship this week we thought about the importance of friendship and how we can be good friends.  We thought about all the qualities we like in our friends and discussed how we treat our friends.  We agreed that we should show kindness, share and be friendly towards everyone.

Week 2

In PE this week we have continued to practise our gymnastic skills.  Today we learnt different 1 point balances.  We had to try very hard to stand on one leg and hold the balance for 5 seconds.  It wasn’t easy but we didn’t give up trying.  I’m sure if you ask me I’ll be able to show you my balancing skills.  Once we had acquired this skill we were challenged to balance a bean bag on a body part whilst doing a 1 point balance. 

During our collective worship we thought about Remembrance Day.  We learnt all about why people wear a poppy and prayed for our brave soldiers and their families.


We really enjoyed watching the CBeebies poppy animation. Why not watch it with me and we can talk about it together.

Week 1

It has been wonderful seeing all of our superheroes back, safe and well after half term. This week we have been learning all about how to stay safe on Bonfire night. We have used different media and materials to create firework pictures. Firstly we had so much fun mixing paint into shaving foam. It was amazing to see how the colours mixed together. We have also enjoyed painting firework explosions and then we practised our scissor skills by cutting bun cases into fireworks.  

This week in PE we have started to learn all about gymnastics.  We learnt pike, tuck, star, pencil and bridge balances and played games to practise these.  Why not ask me to show you these different balances at home.  

During our collective worship this week we were sent on a mission to show our friends how much we have missed them by sharing, being caring and showing kindness. We took this mission so well and went straight into action.  Here are a selection of photos of us sharing and being kind around Nursery.

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.