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Assembly Prayer of the Week

During Autumn 2 term, class 4 have decided to write their own class prayer of the week to be shared in the Fridays celebration assembly.  This week (as its Remebrance week) we decided to think about what brings to peace to our lives and how we are thank ful for the peace we have.  

Please read our prayer.

Autumn 2- week 2 - anti-bullying prayer



Anti-bullying week

Class 4 Prayer  for  anti- bullying.


Dear Lord.

We stand by you as you stand by us,

When someone is upset please give us the strength to stick up for them,

Let us remember that we bully it makes them sad , angry, miserable and lonely,

Allow us to think before we laugh at someone,

I hope you answer this prayer and support us to give this world a better future,

We pray for bullying to stop, so we can make the world a more beautiful place than it already is

We know not to bully so everyone is happy

Love is in all our heart waiting to be found,

Please let everyone know that bullying causes millions of deaths

People have feelings so try to be kind and not hurt them,

Let other people know that  bullying hurts feelings

I hope for no more bullying or violence

I will respect those who get called names and protect them,

I will help those who get bullied,

We need to stick up for those upset  and abused

I pray that there is no longer bullying and let us remember when we laugh at someone they feel in pain,

Help bullies to stop annoying and hurting people and their feelings,

Please give strength to all  to make the right choices

Make others stop negative actions and treatment of others,

I pray that anyone who bullies whether it is in or out of school will realise that what they do is wrong, I pray that I will not become a bully and that I will never be tempted by anyone to make bad choices,

These people who are suffering pain give them hope that it will end,

I pray that bullying will not exist one day

I pray that all the bullying stops—forever

If you see someone being bullied—help them

Bullying doesn't do anything but hurt people

The people that are getting are bullied need to feel love in their hearts and be able to trust

Help us to help others



Autumn 2 - Week 1 Prayer


Class 4 Prayer of Peace

Dear God,

Thank you for such a great family,

For the happiness they bring

Thank you for all the friends in our lives,

Thank you for the peace you try bring  to us,

Thank you for making me a part of this world.

I pray for everyone in the world who is ill, homeless or sad,

And I believe they will feel better after this prayer.

Thank you for giving me a lovely, kind caring family and friends,

I am thankful for everything people do for me,

Peace can be alive to all that live,

Thank you for the happiness you give us,

Thankyou for giving life to us, animals, pets and wildlife,

Thank you for the friendship and kindness I am given,

Thank you for the doctors that help us feel better,

I am happy for the good friends and family in my life,

Thank you for the food you provide and the shelter you give us,

I would like to hear about more peace in the world and hear less about death,

Thank you for letting me go to school, giving me friends and education,

Thank you for having us, here and now,

Thank you for all the amazing books to read,

Please can you keep my family happy and joyful in their lives,

We will follow your ways and respect others,

We mostly thank you for everything we have.





One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.