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Autumn Term 1

Week 6:

This week in Class 5 we completed some art work we began with Mrs Weston. Using water colour pencils we completed art work that would have been discovered on the inside of tombs and pyramids. We had half of the picture to guide us and we needed to complete the other half of the painting.

Week 5:

This week we created timelines in our topic work to show significant events from each of the time periods we had been learning about. We created timelines of significant events for the Ancient Egyptian Empire and for Baghdad from its creation to its destruction.

Week 4:

This week in Science we found out all about circuits and the symbols we use to represent them. We created our own simple circuit and recorded this in our book as a diagram.

Week 3:

This week we have been creating timelines to detail the significant events of the Egyptian empire and the history of Ancient Baghdad. We looked at a timeline of where these civilisations fell in world history and then looked specifically at these two time periods as well.

Week 2:

In Class 5 this week we have been developing our knowledge of simple coding commands and from this we have created a scene with moving objects. We created a simple code to move these characters around and debugged the program when it ran into errors.

You can see some of the coding before and if you follow the link to our Purple Mash Display board you will see some examples of this code in action.

Week 1:

This week in Class 5 we kicked off our topic work by looking at the Ancient Egyptian practise of mummification. We looked at how and why this was done and even created a mummy of our own.

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