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Autumn 1

W/B: Monday 23rd October 2023

Week 8

Computing: Virtual Beebots

This Thursday, Class 2 completed our computing session on the laptops.


We focused on getting to know a virtual Beebots, completing a variety of tasks by writing an algorithm and directing the Beebot to different points on mats. 


Well done Class 2 on a really successful computing session!



Everyone in Class 2 has worked very hard this half-term. 

Well done to you all on your hard work. Have a wonderful half-term holiday,

Miss Garratt smiley

W/B: Monday 16th October 2023

Week 7

Computing: What is an algorithm?

This Thursday afternoon, Class 2 learnt about the importance of following certain instructions, e.g. getting dressed or brushing your teeth, in a certain order. 


We sequenced instructions on how to brush your teeth as a class then, we had a volunteer to dress in fancy dress clothes. Another child dressed our volunteer whilst we had a third child cover their eyes then look at the end result. We helped child three to dress our volunteer in the same order as previously in order to gain the same end result. 


Class 2 then completed a cutting and sticking task in which they wrote instructions on a whiteboard for their partner to follow and dress a doll a certain way. 


We completed these tasks in order to learn about the instructions we will be creating on a computer at a further date. Instructions for a computer are called algorithms. 

W/B: Monday 9th October 2023

Week 6

This week, we completed a variety of jobs. This included our weekly Big Maths Beat That timed Maths tests, Arithmetic weekly tests and Addition and Subtraction work in Maths. 


Well done Class 2 on all your hard work this week!

W/B: Monday 2nd October 2023

Week 5

This Friday, Class 2 from St Helen's joined Class 2 from St Michael's and Sacred Heart schools for a Plague Workshop at St Michael's school in Wombwell. 


We took part in activities about the spread of the plague, checking our hands for bacteria. We learnt about the village of Eyam and what happened there. 


We created warning posters which could have been displayed around Eyam and then, we finished our day with a drama session, creating different objects with our bodies, showing different emotions and then freeze frames of Eyam village at different points.


Well done to Class 2 for their behaviour and hard work that was completed at St Michael's this Friday! 

W/B: Monday 25th September 2023

Week 4

This Monday, Class 2 continued to focus on Fundamental skills in our PE session. 


We used our knowledge of different movements to move around the school hall; side-stepping, jogging and skipping as well as other ways. 


Then, we introduced balances using different parts of our bodies; moving then freezing in different balances. 


Class 2 then progressed to move around the room and tackle hurdles. We moved from 1 foot to 2 jumping into hoops, from 2 to 2 feet jumping over high hurdles and 1 to 1 over small cones. 


We completed our lesson jumping from 1 foot to 2 feet whilst completing hopscotch. 


Well done Class 2 on an excellent PE session!

W/B: Monday 18th September 2023

Week 3

This week, Class 2 had a fantastic art session creating beautiful artwork on plates inspired by the work of Clarice Cliff.


We used the primary colours to create circular patterns and then mixed them to create secondary colours. Then, the children used a mixture of black paint and water alongside a straw to make the outline of a tree. A drop of the mixture was put onto their plates and the children blew it in different directions to create the effect of a branch. 


Well done to all the artists in Class 2 on their beautiful creations! heart

W/B: Monday 11th September 2023

Week 2

This week, Class 2 got the opportunity to complete some learning with Bikeability. In our sessions, the children travelled around cones on bikes, under obstacles and over ramps. 


Well done Class 2 on a fantastic session with Bikeability and an excellent first full week back at school!

W/B: Monday 4th September 2023

Week 1

Welcome back to everyone in Class 2!


This Wednesday, we have returned to school after the six weeks holiday and everyone in Class 2 has shown they have come back well-rested and excited for our next school year together. 


Well done to all of the children in our class for making such a brilliant start to Class 2 and for all getting onto outstanding by the end of the week, you are superstars!


Miss Garratt smiley

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.