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Autumn Term 2

Week 7


Wow what a fantastic end to another wonderful half term.  On Monday we had our dress rehearsal for our nativity "A miracle in Town" and we performed for all the children in classes 3 and 4. Then on Tuesday we entertained all the grown up with another amazing performance.  Everyone said that they thought it was one of the best shows!  We all felt very proud and we moved up onto the rainbow in class. 

We have been very busy creating lots of Christmas themed crafts.  We decorated a poem all about a snowman, which was very funny. Have a look at our wonderful creations. 

Snowman Poem

In preparation for the party we each made a party hat.  The party was full of games and fun.  We played musical statues, Christmas corners and pass the parcel.  We also had a dancing competition too.  It was lots of fun.  After all the party fun we went into hall where Mrs Green had prepared a tasty party lunch for us all.  It was delicious!

We have had a great end to this half term and I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.  I hope you all enjoy the festivities and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year along with our new starters. 

Love Mrs Blakemore x

Our Christmas Party

Week 6


This week has been very exciting and very busy.  We are super brilliant at singing our nativity songs and now we have been practising, alongside Classes 1 and 2, to perform our Nativity show up on the stage.  At first we found it a little daunting being up on the stage but now we have got used to it and are trying really hard to remember to use our beautiful loud singing voices.


We have been very creative this week making our Christmas cards and Calendars.  First we had to use a potato to print a reindeers head.  After it had dried overnight we then used our fingers to print on the reindeers nose.  We used a special pen to draw on the reindeers face and antlers.  We think they look super cute but you will have to wait until next week to see what they look like.  Here are a few photo's of us busy creating them....

Christmas card making

Week 5


This week started with our special Advent assembly.  We learnt about the advent wreath and have a new prayer to learn to say at the end of each day.  As part of our Christmas preparation we each made a Christingle.  Mrs Blakemore told us that the orange represents the world.  The ribbon around the middle has two special meanings.  Firstly it reminds us that God's love is never ending and secondly it reminds us of the blood of Jesus as he died on the cross.  The four cocktail sticks represent the four seasons that God created and the dried fruit helps us to remember that God will always provide for us.  The candle helps us to remember that Jesus is the light of the world.  On Tuesday we enjoyed our very special Christingle assembly.  We lit some of the candles and talked about the different parts of the Christingle.  We sang some wonderful songs too. 


This week we have been very busy practising the songs for our Nativity.  We have even had our photographs taken with our special costumes on.  You will be able to buy our photographs next week.  Look out for the pictures outside our classrooms.


It has been an exciting end to the week with our Christmas fair.  We each made a snow globe, a decoration and a tea light holder.  We were very proud that all our grown ups bought our gifts to help us raise lots of money.  We will be using some of the money raised to buy new resources for outside.  Take a look in Class 1's cloakroom at our inspiration board for developing our outside provision.

Our Christingles

Week 4


We had a fantastic start to the week because we had a special visit from Rapunzel.  We were all very surprised and a little bit star struck!  We sang lots of songs and danced with Rapunzel before having our photograph taken with her. It was brilliant.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

This week we have been learning all about animals and what they do during autumn and winter for food.  We talked about how the birds and other animals search for food and then we decided to make bird feeders using fat and bird seed.  It was a little bit messy, but we loved it.  We will be hanging our bird feeders in the trees to help look after our wildlife.


We listened to a wonderful story called "Pumpkin Soup". After listening to the story one of the characters brought us a special letter asking us to try out their new recipe for Harvest soup.  We wanted to help the Duck, the Cat and the Squirrel, so we followed their recipe and made the soup.  After it was cooked for a long time we were able to try it.  We were like real Super Heroes because we were all brave and had a taste.  Lots of us were surprised because it was delicious and we ate it all up.

The week started with a high and it has definitely ended on a high because we had our Nursery Rhyme Showcase on Friday morning.  Lots of our family and friends joined us in the hall for a special performance of our nursery rhyme challenge and some of our other favourite songs that we have learnt.  it was lovely to see so many people watch us.  We loved it and want to say a huge "Thank you for all your support"

Week 3


This week has been a really fun week because we have been completing the Nursery Rhyme Challenge.  Each day we have learnt a new nursery rhyme, which means we have learnt five new songs, 5 currant buns, Humpty Dumpty, A Sailor went to Sea, I'm a Little Teapot and Round and Round the garden.  Each day we have joined with Class 1 to learn the new rhyme and then we have been completing fun activities like, drawing, sequencing the rhymes, planting bulbs in the garden and we even got to bake currant buns.  They were really yummy.

Nursery rhyme fun!

Week 2

This week we have started our new topic, "Why do leaves go crispy?" To start off our topic we went on a walk in the woodland to find leaves and talk about the differences that we could see.  Mrs Blakemore put us into pairs and we had a challenge to collect different types of leaves.  Some of them were red, yellow or brown and we had to find big ones and small ones.  We read the story 'Leaf Man' and then collected natural resources to make our own Leaf Man picture.

Our own Leaf Man artwork

We have loved outside time this week because we have used some of our fundraising money to purchase some new ride on toys.  They are fabulous because they are not just for one person.  We can get three children on them which encourages to build friendships and helps us to develop our communication skills.

Our new ride on toys.

We have been learning all about how we welcome each other.  In our collective worship we have thought about how we welcome people into church.  We decided that we would welcome Oreo into our church community by baptising him.  We made a church and a font in class and had parents and Godparents to be a part of the special ceremony.  Oreo didn't mind having water poured on his head and liked it when we put the sign of the cross on his head.

Oreo's baptism

Week 1

Welcome back to our second half of Autumn term. It was a great day to come back, November the 5th, as it was Bonfire Night! We sang songs, watched a firework display and thought of words to describe them, so that we could make up our own poem.  Outside we used twigs and leaves to make our own bonfire and we threw leaves up in the air and pretended they were exploding fireworks.  It was great fun! We used our artistic skills to create firework pictures and added glitter to make them sparkle.  We rolled up the paper and added some pipe cleaners to make fireworks.

Bonfire themed fun!

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