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Summer 2

Week 4

W.B 5.7.21

This weeknight Science  we were learning about the importance of eating heathy. We looked at the health benefits of each type of food and learnt the importance of having fruits and vegetables in our diet.

Fruit Kebabs

Golden Time

Week 3


This week in Literacy we were reading a book called Rainbow Fish.We carried out an investigation to find out whether Rainbow Fish’s scales would sparkle deep in the ocean where it is dark.We concluded that he needed light for his sparkles to shine.

We also enjoyed the lovely weather outside.







Science-Inquiry Question “Will Rainbow Fish’s scales sparkle in the dark?”

Week 2

W.B 21.6.21

This week in R.E we  were learning about the things that can cause friendships to break and what we could do to mend friendships.We made Friendship rings ( tea light holders) out of clay and we will be using them when reflecting on our friendships.

Friendship rings

Week 1

W.B 14.6.21

We came back refreshed after the half term and enjoyed nice weather exploring the outdoor space this week. Looking forward to making lasting memories in weeks to come as we get ready to say bye to  our year 1s.

Golden Time

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.