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Week 15: W.B. 13.7.20 Individual qualities


We have made it! This is the final week of this academic year. Be proud of your achievements. You have all worked incredibly hard and faced may challenges this year that you have all overcome. Keep believing in yourself and continue to strive to be the best that you can be!


This week I would like you to reflect on your own individual qualities.


Have a wonderful holiday and an even better time in September in your new schools. 

Mr Flanagan

Week 14: W.B. 6.7.20 Individual Qualities


This week we will continue to prepare ourselves ready for moving to secondary school. Each day, complete the scenario challenge. These are problems that most children will experience during their time at school. Ask an adult if you don't believe me!


Week 13: W.B. 29.6.20 Theme: Growing In Independence 


Now you should feel familiar with your new school and have several tools in your memory to help you make new friends in your new surroundings.


This week we will focus on becoming more independent. At secondary school you are responsible for all your actions, behaviour and decisions. This also includes packing your PE kit into your rucksack for your PE lessons!

Week 12 W.B. 22/6/20 (Networking)


I hope last week has helped you to find out a little bit more about your secondary school.  


This week I would like you to find out about making friends. We all have many friends, however secondary school provides us with an opportunity to make many more! 


Don't forget that we are now on week 2 of the English and Maths packs.


It would also be great to see people on the Times Table Rock Stars Arena!


Mr Flanagan

Week 11 - W.B. 15.6.20 (Organising yourself)


Monday 15th June. A significant date in the calendar for us all. We are now in our final term of primary school. Some of you are reading this from school, whilst others are reading it from home. Nevertheless, we are all still together as the class 5 team, helping each other to dream, believe and achieve in our ourselves. Remember, it is important to stay in touch with each other throughout this time.


As we prepare for moving on, our class 5 tasks will be themed related to the skills required to starting your new school in September. 


Skill 1 - Organisation!

By the end of this week you will have all the skills, knowledge and attributes required to be prepared for your new school.


Please read the document called week 1 return - transition first. This tells you which tasks to complete on each day. Those working from home, please feel free to email school any work you complete to share with myself or Mrs Thompson. This document also tells you which tasks to complete in both the literacy and maths packs. Do not rush ahead! Use the links on the guide to help you with tasks if you get stuck!


Mr Flanagan

Week 10 - W.B. 8.6.20


Foremost I hope you and your families enjoyed the half term break. 


This week the theme of our work is "music." This will give you an opportunity to research and find out about your favourite music artists as well as finding out about those who have influenced modern day music. 


Take care, stay safe. 


Mr Flanagan





Week 9: WB 18.5.20 - Famous People


This week brings us to our 9th week of online learning. This week gives you an opportunity to find out more about your favourite celebrity or person. I want you to think about the articles you read; do they have a positive or negative outlook on your famous person? Think about how newspapers can persuade people for the good a bad of others.


As an additional task, this week there is a nature theme for arts and crafts. Can you create a piece of artwork using natural materials only? Have fun! 


Mr Flanagan

Week 8 W.B. 11.5.20 - Theme Rainforests


Friday 8th May will remain in our hearts and memories for many years to come. I hope that you enjoyed finding out a the lives of others who have influenced that of others. 


This week I have based our work on investigating Rainforests. You will also find that I have segmented the activities down into suggested days. 


I thought I would sign off this week with an update of my home life. Albery has grown hair over isolation!



Keep smiling, laughing and having fun.


Mr Flanagan



Week 8 - Theme Rainforests

Week 7 WB: 4.5.20 - VE-Day Celebration Week


On Friday it is 75 years since the guns fell silent at the end of the war in Europe. Years of carnage and destruction had come to an end and millions of people took to the streets and pubs to celebrate peace, mourn their loved – ones and to hope for the future, but not forgetting those still in conflict until 15th August when it was announced that Japan had surrendered unconditionally to the Allies, effectively ending World War II.


This week I would like to take this opportunity for you to investigate events of historical importance and understand why Friday 8th May 2020 would have marked a special occasion around the world. Despite celebratory events being cancelled, we can still celebrate in our own ways.


The tasks are all research based - If told you the answers it would be too easy! There are 5 tasks in total. Complete a task each day. Take care and spend time demonstrating your investigative skills.


Supplementary tasks if you require them.


The Oak Academy. Recommended by the Department of Education. Daily lessons in maths, english and PE.


BBC Bitesize. A range of activities including music, RE and science.






VE-Day Week Activities

Week 6 - 27.4.20


I hope that you all enjoyed our themed activities last week. It was lovely to speak to so many parents over the phone to find out that you were all dealing with the current situation so well and were continuing to learn at home. Personal highlights from the conversations were:

- a member of our class now has a newborn baby sister!

- a member of class has perfected the art of making a cup of tea for their parents

- a member of our class has been gardening, planting seeds

- members of our class were using their "hour of exercise" to go walking with house family members 

- a member of our class cooked tea for their family!

- a member of our class creating a banner to our key workers about staying safe

Keep up the good work!


This week got me thinking about how the changes to the way we are currently living has brought us closer together as a community. Where I live, a local photographer has created a visual memory box of all the people who live in the local area at the time of the Covid-19. Fund raised from the memories have been sent to a local charity. It feels nice that this photograph will be remembered in local history forever! 


Perhaps you could have a think about how you could make people in your community smile during this time? Don't forget to send a picture to the school email address.



Week 5 - W.B. 20.4.20

Thank You NHS Week


You may remember before Covid-19 you were introduced to our new topic, "Is free healthcare a right or responsibility?" An ironic title for our learning in our current socio-economic climate*. After listening to people discuss the current situation and talking with your friends and family, I imagine you all have a similar opinion that the nations NHS staff are carrying out an amazing job of caring for the sick and protecting others.


We want you to use this week to celebrate the heroic efforts of the NHS and demonstrate how you appreciate the National Health Service. 


On the document below you will find suggested activities that you might like to carry out. However, be imaginative and use this opportunity to be creative!

Please share your work/models/drawing/art work/ creations with us by emailing a photograph to school.


We all have a story to share of how the NHS has helped us in our own lives. This is your time to share and give thanks to those who care.


*the current state of the UK for the people.

Week 4 - 13.4.20 (School Holiday)


I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine this weekend. Holidays are a time to relax and spend time doing what you enjoy! Fingers crossed this beautiful weather continues this week. You will be pleased to know this weekend Mrs Flanagan taught me how to use Tik Tok. Unfortunately my world premiere performance will be kept private, for now! 


Up until this weekend my thoughts and opinion of Tik Tok was a little negative, however I can see why you all enjoy using it. Remember to keep your settings private, enjoy learning, be kind and have fun.


A big shout out to a certain member of the class for sending school a picture of your rainbow artwork that you carried out last week. It was lovely to see! Don't forget you can always email school and I can give you feedback.


Suggested tasks for this week

  • Have a cinema day by setting up your lounge as a cinema. Your parents are the guests!
  • Play outside (in the garden). Vitamin D (from sunshine) makes you feel good.
  • Listen to your favourite music. I listened to the top 10 singles this week. You will have to teach me about these bands/singers I know none of them! 
  • Help cook a meal. Could you prepare a salad for a BBQ?
  • Play a board game with your family. No cheating!


Have a lovely week. Mr Flanagan

Week 3 - W.B. 6th April 2020 (Holy Week)

We now begin our third week of isolation. Firstly class 5, I'm delighted that you are reading this. You all have an awesome attitude towards learning. By now I am sure you have adapted to your new home school routine and should be finding that you can complete most tasks I provide in a week. Keep washing your hands, keep in touch with each other but most importantly; keep smiling!


You may think that my life may be a little bit quieter now that I am working from home, sadly this is not the case. My son is certainly keeping me busy! Here is a picture of Albert zooming around the garden on Sunday morning, chasing after the dog!



Week 2 - W.B. Monday 30th March 2020

WB: Monday 23rd March 2020

Additional documents and activities


The following tasks can be printed off or completed on paper. 

The answer sheets are provided so you can check your understanding after you have completed the exercises.


Suggested engagement activities and resources parents may wish to engage with


Classroom Secrets Learning Packs - These packs are split into different year groups and include activities linked to reading, writing, maths and practical ideas you can do around the home.

Twinkl - to access these resources click on the link and sign up using your own email address and creating your own password. Use the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS.

Headteacherchat - This is a blog that has links to various learning platforms. Lots of these are free to access.

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.