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  • In the original story, Macbeth sends a letter to his wife, Lady Macbeth, after he has encountered the witches and then the King’s messengers. Having also just been victorious in a huge battle, imagine the feelings and emotions he will have had. Question: What do you think he would have written to his wife?
  • Begin by looking at the presentation to gain ideas about how to plan your letter and then use resource sheet to plan your own letter.


  • Work through presentation converting mass  and solving problems involving mass before moving on to activity sheet.
  • Complete activity sheet, you may have to copy some things into your book to complete some questions (unless you can print sheets at home). Choose the star level you usually work on and check answers once completed.
  • Once complete if you need a challenge try the extension sheet.

Afternoon Work:

Using your research from Yesterday create a non-chronological report about the NHS using each of the below points as a sub-heading:

•             What medical care was like before the NHS

•             The creation of the NHS

•             Changes to the NHS

•             The modern NHS and who can receive treatment

•             What people believe the pros and cons are

•             Your own thoughts about the NHS


  • Pe Session with Joe Wicks from Youtube


  • Listen to your favourite song on Youtube and then complete the Musical appraisal sheet below.
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