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Autumn 2

Week 7
Class 5 had a very lucky opportunity this week. We had the privilege of visiting the local Tesco and entertaining the shoppers with our carolling as well as to raise some money. We had a fantastic time and all the children sang so beautifully. Below are some photos and videos of some of our carols.


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Week 6
Class 5 have had their parents afternoon this week. We have invited all our parents in to show off our portrait drawing skills. We had such a fantastic attendance and produced some excellent drawings of our Mums, Dads and Grandads while they also produced some excellent drawings of us.
Week 4
In Maths this week Class 5 have been looking at orders of operations. We have looked at how to use BODMAS and what order we complete our question in. Some of class 5 found this very easy and so we decided to complete a Maths investigation. We looked at the different use of the signs and how these will determine what our final answer will be. So we were given 3 numbers and lots of different answers and allowed to use all of the signs. Could we find the different questions?
This week class 5 have been looking at Tudor crime and punishment. We have looked and studied lots of cruel ways people were punished for crimes at that time. We had a go at guessing what crimes would lead to each punishments and then looked at the gruesome execution that took place like boiling alive, hung, drawn, and quartered or simply wearing the drunkards barrel. We created a flip book explaining these punishments. The girls in the class are particularly happy that the Scold's bridle is not a punishment anymore.
Week 3

This week we have been taking our lives into our own hands. We have been asked by Henry VIII to write a riddle and a Kenning for one of his great feasts. With all tasks involving Henry we have to aim to please or Class 5 will have a few headless members come next week.


Here are some videos of our riddles and Kennings as performed to the court of Henry VIII.

Madison's riddle.

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Freddie's kenning.

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Lewis' kenning.

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Fleur's riddle

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Max's riddle

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Megan's riddle.

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Izzy's riddle.

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Jarvis' riddle.

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Week 2

Our topic for this term is called 'off with her head' we are looking at King Henry VIII and learning all about the Tudor times in England. This week we have been have been learning how to draw a portrait. We have looked at portraits of the different members of the Tudor royalty and tried to recreate them. Later this term we will be drawing Tudor portraits of our parents.


This week we looked at a piece of scripture from the Old testament.

Hosea 11: 1-4

I have always loved you, my people.

My love for you is so great.

I have walked every step with you on your journey.

I have always tried to keep you close to me, but so often you have wandered away.

I gathered you up in my arms,

but you did not recognise that I was taking care of you.

I picked you up and held you close to my cheek.

I held you so close, with such great love. 


This scripture describes God's love for us as a caring and loving parent who guides us. In class we made a leaflet showing the qualities we think a good parent has and what qualities make our parents special.

Week 1
Class 5 have had a lovely first week back at term. We began our week at Crucial crew. We learnt lots of important safety information whilst we were there. We are now very confident in knowing how to react if we are caught in a fire and also we can now help others when choking. We also got to look inside and see how a magistrates court is run but this was unlucky for some of us as we ended up in prison.
One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.