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Autumn Term 1

Week 6


This week our core story was Elmer.  We really enjoyed the story about the patchwork elephant who is different to all his friends.  We thought about what is similar and different about each other in class. 


Our number of the week is 5. We practised counting five objects and counted five actions. We enjoyed listening to Fiona Five from Ten Town,  and then we practised writing the number 5. 

This week we enjoyed making chocolate chip cookies.  We are getting very good at identifying the different ingredients we use each week.  We all took it in turns to weigh out and mix the ingredients together.  Afterwards Mrs Goddard put them in the oven to bake.  They looked very delicious and we couldn’t wait to eat them.  

Week 5


This week we really enjoyed the story “Aliens in underpants save the world”. We have re-enacted the story on our small world area and in maths we have sung the song ‘5 little men in a flying saucer’. 



As part of RE this week we thought about the importance of our name.  We pulled photographs out of the box and practised each other’s name.  We thought about our family names and talked about how we identify others.  We learnt that we belong to our family and we also belong to our school community and the church community.  

On Friday we had lots of fun and laughter during music interaction.  We enjoyed exploring the sounds of the different instruments and we are getting better at anticipating the events and waiting patiently for our turn.  Making Fred bounce on the lycra is definitely our favourite part. We made him jump through the air as we giggled with excitement.

Week 4


This week we have continued to enjoy the story ‘Monkey Puzzle’ by Julia Donaldson.  We are getting very confident at joining in with the repeated refrains and predicting which animal we will see next.  


Our number of the the week has been number 3. Lots of us are three in nursery so we all recognised the number quickly. We have practised recognising the number and have represented it in different ways using counters and objects.  


Sadly this week we had to say goodbye to Mrs Sanderson. We had a farewell and good luck party themed day on Friday. We all enjoyed a play dough making masterclass with Mrs Sanderson as well as baking some delicious buns. We will miss Mrs Sanderson lots, but we wish her all the best in her new job.

Week 3


Our core story book this week was “Monkey Puzzle” by Julia Donaldson.  We loved the story.  After reading the story a few times we started to talk about our own families.  We shared with everyone who is in our family.  We learnt that some families are big and others are small.  They are all different but all beautiful.



Storytime for kids read aloud - Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson

In maths we have been learning the counting song “five little ducks”. We have used Ten Town to help us learn and recognise number 2.  In Ten Town the character is called Tommy Two.  He likes to do things in sets of two.  We have practised counting just two objects from a larger group and we even practised writing the numeral.  

We have been busy practising our fine motor and cutting skills.  We have made lots of snips into paper and have even been cutting out objects to make a collage picture of our family.  We all need to keep practising using scissors, as it’s a little tricky at the moment.  

Friday was our baking day again. We were all very excited to help make the buns but this week our favourite part was decorating the top.  We mixed some icing sugar with water and then spread it on top of our buns before adding lots of tasty sprinkles.  We couldn’t wait to show our grown ups and gobble them up!

Week 2


This we we have welcomed our new starters to Nursery.  We are super proud of how well they have all settled in.  They are adjusting to the new routines and becoming aware of the boundaries and rewards in place.


Our core book this week has been "Guess How Much I Love You" by Sam McBratney.  We really enjoyed the story and afterwards we discussed the people who we love and how we can show them our love.  

Throughout the week we have had lots of fun exploring our new learning environment.  We have been learning to share and take turns with the toys and games and getting to know every bodies names.  

On Friday we were so excited to help Mrs Goddard bake some very tasty buns.  We had to follow the recipe and carefully weigh out the different ingredients.  We each had a turn at adding ingredients and giving the mixture a really good stir.  When all the ingredients were added we scooped the mixture evenly into the bun cases before putting them into the oven to bake.  They smelt delicious and we couldn't wait to take them home to taste!

Week 1


What a wonderful first week back in Nursery.  All our nursery Superheroes have come back into school and quickly settled back into our routines.  It has been wonderful to hear all about their summer holidays and all the fun they have had. 


In nursery this this week we have been thinking all about the people who are special to us and those that we love.  We showed our love for each other in class by sharing and being kind.


We worked together as  a group to take turns and made ourselves some playdough.  It was hard deciding on which colour we would like, but we finally agreed to make blue playdough.

Making playdough

In our collective worship this week we were reminded that God loves each of us.  We reflected on the people who we love and what makes them special to us.

On Friday we were all very shocked by the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth II.  We reflected on our previous learning about the Queen and we remembered how we celebrated her platinum jubilee in the summer.  We listened to the story Paddington visit the Palace by Michael Bond and re-watched the video of Paddington having tea with Her Majesty.  Afterwards we made marmalade sandwiches and held a minutes silence.

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.