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If you are planning on attending Kirk Balk in September could you please complete the online form below if you have not done already. It is very important in regards to the transition this year as the traditional transition period may not be taking place due to the ongoing pandemic.

Each child will come home with a book to be used for their work and also can be used to keep a journal.


Inside the book will be passwords for Purple Mash which can be used for computing as well as other online educational activities.


It will also contain their log in details for both timestable rockstars and its sister app Numbots which we can also access.

For good ideas of lessons covering all of the areas of the curriculum please follow the link below to the BBC bitesize website. It comes with daily maths, English, music, history and geography lessons with worksheets and slides and videos to help.

Bubble work 4
Bubble week 3
Bubble week 2

Bubble week 1



Week 7



Last week we finished Algebra so we would have been moving onto revision this week of previously taught areas.


We will first start by looking at coordinates and describing and labelling on a 4 quadrant grid.



Continue the reading grammar and spelling activities daily on BBC bitesize



Comtinue the reading and gramma activities as set on bbc bitesize. 


Our question for the week is:


What caused the NHS to be formed? What significant change in British history changed the laws for future generations?

For further history, geography, science and Spanish lessons please visit the bbc bitesize website. 




In 2014 was the first NHS staff strike held by nurses. Do primary and secondary sources tell the same story?



For extra topic related work continue the activities on BBC bitesize.



This week we will be using algebra wo create and describe number sequences.



Additional maths lessons can be found using the bbc bite size link above. 



complete the reading and grammar lessons as set out by bbc bitesize 




Our question for this week will be :

Who makes all the decisions about the NHS?

additional geography and history lessons can be found on bbc bitesize lessons for the week. 

Week 5



for maths this week will be moving onto algebra and understanding how to use simple formula.


For extra maths lessons and resources following the link below will take you to the home of the NCETM. They have worked with maths specialist to provide online lessons and resources which we use in school to help teach mThs.




please find below a new set of reading pack and SAT’s style questions.



our two enquiry based questions this week are:

Who makes all the decisions about the NHS?

Do the public of Britain decide the fate of the NHS?



Week 4

I hope we all enjoyed what would have been our week off. 



In maths we will be working on our final area of ration which will involve using percentages to compare the relative size of two objects.




For our grammar revision. We will be looking at using the passive in our writing.



In reading we will be completing revision activities to prepare for what would have been our SATs in a few weeks.




In topic our enquiry questions these week would have been:

Did the British empire benefit from the NHS?


Who decides how the NHS is run?

This week in our grammar revision we will be looking at formal and informal speech.

In reading our focus would have been on answering 3 mark questions in detail to get ready for our SAT’s

Our two topic questions for this week are :


Can Britain survive without NHS staff from around the globe?

What happens if I go on holiday? I deserve my free healthcare

Week 2


This week we would have looking at using unequal sharing ratio and proportion using  known fractions and multiples to help us. Please find the link below to 4 days worth of Maths lessons as well as an extension activity.

At this point of the year we would have been recapping our grammar rules in preparation for the SAT's please see the links below for 2 lessons on semi-colons, colons and sashes as well as the use of hyphens.

In class we would be completing a guided reading daily based on our class novel Cogheart. Due to not everyone having a copy I will be updating with other comprehensions that can help.


Please see below a comprehension based on William Blake's the tiger. It is differentiated so you can set your children a challenge if you want.



We have moved to an enquiry based topic structure in school. This means that teach lesson is powered by a question. I will include the two questions we would have covered this week below and this can be used for home research on our topic which is very relevant in our current situation about the healthcare system in the country.


Can the government justify deducting employees wages to pay for the health service?


Is it fair that healthcare was universally free from 1946 in Britain.

Week 1





This week in Maths we would have been moving onto ratio and proportion.


On this link you will find 4 days worth of Maths lesson with slides to explain the teaching as well as a teachers guide. it also comes with activities and extension activities

Please find attached a learning activity plan which can be used to set up different tasks and activities during each week. It will be updated weekly
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