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Out of School Celebrations

Spring 1- Week 1


This week we celebrate a KS1 pupil and a KS2 child both receiving medals for 3rd place in swimming galas.  Well done girls!

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We also celebrate 7 birthdays this week from nursery up to KS 1.  We hope you had a happy birthday.

Week 6 - Out of school celebrations


We didn't have any children with birthdays this week, however we did have one KS2 pupil who achieved a certificate for completing a dancing competition as part of a group  Well done!

Week 4 - Out of school acievements

Well done to all the children who worked hard both in and out of school to complete Times Tables Rock Stars - you earnt a fabulous certificate and a place on the TTRS school challenge awards list for our school.

Well done to a KS2 pupil for achieving stage 7 in her swimming.  Great hard work shown this week- keep it up!

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Week 2 Out of school celebrations

Well done to a KS1 pupil for achieving the 'Learn to swim 1' swimming badge.  Also a great achievement from a KS2 pupil for scoring 7 goals at football and earning a medal.  Keep up the good work everyone!

Week 1 - Autumn term 2


Well done to a KS2 pupil who received two trophies for ballroom dancing at National competitions in Blackpool.  We also celebrate 3 KS1 children who have gained swimming certificates this week and a KS2 child who earned his yellow belt in martial arts.  A big well done to a KS1 girl who scored 4 goals and a trophy at her last football match.  Brilliant!

Week 8


This week we celebrated a KS1 child achieving a swimming certificate and badge for their outstanding achievement in swimming.  We also celebrated 6 birthdays this week, throughout all of school.  Finally, a huge well done to the nursery children who achieved 'Outstanding' for their behaviour, willingness to help others, sharing and caring.  Well Done Sacred Heart!

Week 8-Celebrations

Week 8-Celebrations 1
Week 8-Celebrations 2
Week 8-Celebrations 3

Week 6 - Celebrations

This week we celebrate 6 birthdays within school - a big happy birthday to you all!  We also celebrate a KS1 pupil who achieved their level 1 swimming badge and a KS2 pupil who scored 5 goals in a recent match and won an amazing medal.  Well done Sacred Heart children!

Week 4 Celebrations

Week 4


Well done to our little fish in school who have achieved their Silver Dolphin Award - Brilliant effort and news!

We also celebrate our Under 9's external boys football players who won a huge trophy in their latest competition.

Finally, a big well done to our KS2 cheerleaders for their dedication to the sport, it has paid off with a variety of medals.

A huge congratulations to everyone who has tried hard in all their extra curricular activities - you are doing brilliantly!

Week 3


One of our Year 2 girls has been showing off her swimming skills and she has been awarded her Dolphin 7 swimming award and her 200m swimming award. Well done you super-swimmer! 

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Week 2


Well done to one of our Key Stage 2 Dancers who won 6 trophies at her Ballroom dancing and Tango competitions last weekend... Keep dancing! 

Also, huge congratulations to five children who completed the local library challenge at Goldthorpe Library and received a Space certificate for reading 6 books in 6 weeks. The children were invited to attend an awards ceremony at the library where Councillor Nobel presented the certificates. 

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Week 1


This week, we are able to celebrate one very proud 'star of the week' in Class 2.  We also celebrate with one of our Key Stage 2 girls earning a place within a local swimming club after enduring gruelling tryouts.  She now has the opportunity to compete against other swimmers throughout the country, for her club.  Well done!.

We also celebrate and welcome several new starters today and look forward to watching them flourish within the school.  A big welcome to all of our new starters and their families!

Celebrations out side of school - Week 1

Congratulations to all of the children who completed the Barnsley library Summer Holiday Reading Challenge!

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