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Summer 1

Week 4


In our class liturgy this week, we talked about forgiveness and the importance of being able to forgive someone if they do something that we think is wrong. We thought that it can sometimes be hard to forgive someone, but it can make things better in the end. We talked about things that we have done wrong. 


Our class novel this week was Thank You, Omu! Everyone can smell Omu's delicious stew and they use their noses to find it in the pot. Omu is so generous that when she goes to get some stew for herself, there's none left! 

In maths we have been finding out about the properties of shapes. We have enjoyed working with different shapes and seeing what shapes tessellate. 

In History we have been finding out about the polar explorer Felicity Aston. She is the first woman to ski across Antarctica alone. It took her 59 days to get to the end. She didn't use any kites or machines to help her, she used her physical strength. 

Week 3

This week the year one children have worked collaboratively with the class two children to create their own moving vehicles in Design Technology.  We have been learning all about wheels and axles and put our new knowledge into practise in creating some fantastic cars, buses and lorries.  We were so super proud of how the children worked together in their pairs to create their fabulous designs.  They then really enjoyed testing their vehicles on different surfaces in the outdoor areas.

Week 2




Class 1 have been thinking about superpowers this week. They've enjoyed listening to the story of Supertato and finding out about his very important job of being the supermarket superhero. Supertato realises that things are not ok when he discovers a very naughty pea is on the loose! We've talked about different superpowers that we would like to have. In design and technology, we made our own superheroes using playdough and pipe cleaners. 



Week 1

This week we have loved listening to the story of Elmer the Elephant. Elmer doesn't look like all of the other elephants, he looks different. Elmer wonders what it would be like to be the same as all of the other elephants. We have talked about similarities and differences and how we can like the same things as our friends, but we can also like different things, but we are all special. 

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.