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Autumn Term 2

Week 3


This week we are celebrating and participating in the World Nursery Rhyme Week.  Each day we are learning a new nursery rhyme.  Don't forget to sponsor us for our hard work.  We will be performing all of these nursery rhymes along with some of our favourites on Friday the 29th November at 9am, everyone is welcome.


As part of learning our nursery rhymes we have learnt Makaton signs, cut out animals from the jungle and today we have watched some magic! We were all amazed to see a picture of a spider come alive and dance around. 

The Magic Dancing Spider

The Magic Dancing Spider

Still image for this video

Week 2

This week we have started our new topic "How many colours in a rainbow.". We started exploring the idea of colours with a memorable experience were we all worked collaboratively to create a big art piece.  We scattered different coloured powder paint along long pieces of paper and then we picked our mixing tool.  We used paint brushes, scrubbing brushes and rollers to mix the powder and create a rainbow of colours.  Doing the fun we explored what happens when colours are mixed together, in small and large amounts and then by mixing specific colours together.  We found out that we can make purple, green, orange and brown by mixing the paints.  During the activity we talked about our favourite colours and why.  Take a look at all the fun we had. 

Week 1


Welcome back Superheroes!  I am so pleased that you are all back and ready for another very busy and fun half term.  Unfortunately, this week has been a very wet and miserable week so there was only one thing to do... we got our waterproofs on and went outside to jump in puddles! We played in the leaves, kicking them, throwing them in the air and we even made leave angels! We had so much fun.

With Bonfire night on Tuesday we have had an explosive arts week.    After learning all about the history of Bonfire Night we thought about some traditional foods that people eat. Afterwards we made delicious chocolate apples.  We have used different materials like foil, straws and glitter to create sparklers and did paint splash firework paintings.  We collects tubes and added different materials to make rockets too.  Take a look at our classroom display for all our super creations.



Remember, remember the 5th of November

Over the half term our prickly clay hedgehogs dried out and were ready to go home.  Our grown ups were really happy to receive them. If you haven't collected your prickly hedgehog yet, don't worry they are safe and waiting for you.

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