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Autumn 1

Week 7 

w.b: 16.10.2023

Thank you to all parents who joined us this week, we had a great time during our parents afternoon recreating our own Tutankhamun death masks. 

Week 6

w.b: 09.10.2023

This week class 5 joined a webinar with Hannah Gold and Levi Pinfold - the author and illustrator of the book we are reading 'The Lost Whale'. 

Beforehand we submitted some questions and a few of us were lucky enough to have them answered! 

Hannah talked about what inspired her to be an author, the adventures she has been on that have inspired her stories and we also heard about all the hard work that goes into publishing a book - from the first drafts, to the illustrations to the editing process. 

We thoroughly enjoyed it!

Week 5 

w.b: 02.10.2023

In science this week we have been testing how the number of volts affects a bulb in a circuit. We found that the higher the voltage, the brighter the bulb. 


Week 4

w.b: 25.09.2023

The children have had an amazing day at St Pius today! They started off with a science lesson and thoroughly enjoyed lighting the Bunsen burners and making the flame change colour. We also enjoyed an English lesson, we thought about fairytales and put our own twist on them to create our own fractured fairytales! 

Week 3

w.b: 18.09.2023

This week in literacy we have thought carefully about how we can show emotions in our writing without using 'I feel...'

We have some wonderful actors in class, who were able to demonstrate different emotions and we explored how the emotions made changes to our bodies either by affecting our body language or how we felt inside.


Week 2

w.b: 11.09.2023

This week we managed to get outside in the sunshine ready to start our PE unit: Handball. 

We worked with and communicated with our partners to explore different passing techniques whilst travelling around a space. 

Week 1 

w.b: 04.09.2023

This week, each child received a letter from the author of the class book we are going to be reading - The Lost Whale by Hannah Gold. 

We all enjoyed reading her letter and looked at her website to see what inspired her to write the book. We found out about her amazing whale watching trip in Mexico and are looking forward to finding out what happens in the book! 

Here is the link to the website:


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