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Autumn Term 2

Week 2

This Friday, we raised funds for Children in Need and CAFOD by wearing our brightest colours and Pudsey and Blush attire to school as well as having our faces painted and completing a penny trail in the school hall.


Class 2 had a brilliant day, learning about Children in Need and what other fundraisers do to raise money in our reading comprehension work. We, also, made bookmarks and coloured with the theme of children in need in the afternoon. 


Class 2 got the longest trail in the school in the school hall as well so congratulations everyone and thank you for being so generous and bringing money in for these wonderful charities!

Week 1


Taekwondo 1
Taekwondo 2
Taekwondo 3
Taekwondo 4
Taekwondo 5
Taekwondo 6
Taekwondo 7
Taekwondo 8
Taekwondo 9
Taekwondo 10
Taekwondo 11
Taekwondo 12
Taekwondo 13
Taekwondo 14
Taekwondo 15
Taekwondo 16
Taekwondo 17
Taekwondo 18
Taekwondo 19
Taekwondo 20
Taekwondo 21
Taekwondo 22
Taekwondo 23
Taekwondo 24

This Wednesday, Class 2 started learning Taekwondo.


Everyone had a fantastic time and put 100% of their efforts into our session. We learnt what taekwondo is and where it comes from, how to count in Korean and how to complete different kicks and punches. 


Well done on your hard work this week Class 2. 

We will all look forward to continuing our learning next Wednesday!

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