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Summer Term 1

Week 6


Class 5 have worked incredibly hard all year, so it is time to have some fun at our residential weekend at PGL!


We are looking forward to the plethora of activities and can't wait to have some fun. We will be posting photos and videos of the weekend on the website.

Week 6 - The Apprentice Challenge!

This week, Lord Castor Sugar (Miss Lassu) set us the challenge of imagining we were on BBC’s ‘Apprentice.’

In teams, we were given the task of creating an energy drink, shoe or cereal brand from the planning stage, through to production, marketing, then finally – the sales pitch!



We were expected to incorporate skills from across the curriculum:

Maths: Costs, margin, profit and pricing

Literacy: Writing a persuasive sales pitch

Music: Creating a jingle

Computing: Using iMovie to create a TV advertisement

Art and Design- brand name, logo, slogan, promotional poster

The apprentice challenge

Dino Cereal

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Onyx Trainers

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Killer Energy

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Deaf Awareness Week 2018

This week is National Deaf Awareness week. In recognition of this, we have been beginning to learn BSL (British Sign Language) as well as learning about how hearing impairments and needing to use BSL changes peoples' lives.

We begun by learning the BSL alphabet - Miss Lassu could not believe how quickly we picked it up (and wasn't at all jealous, seeing as it took her ages to learn!)

After we had grasped the basics, we moved onto finger spelling our names, then played games, such as pairing up and guessing BSL spellings to each-other. It has been so lovely to see the class take to BSL so well and to genuinely enjoy learning it, and we are going to continue with this after SATs!


BSL Alphabet

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Fingerspelling 'Chloe'

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Week 5

SATs week is upon us here at Sacred Heart, which means it is time to show everyone all the hard work and dedication we have put into our studies since September - we are well up for it! 

Every single member of staff is unbelievably proud of what every single child in Class 5 has achieved this year - they have all shown resilience, determination and developed the growth mindset needed to excel, not just in school, but out of school too! 

Miss Lassu and Mrs Bogic really do think we have a brainy bunch - a bunch so brainy, you could almost say they are Smartie Pants! smiley

Week 4 Update - Mr Thorpe's Reply!

Mr Thorpe was really impressed with the quality of our writing and loved reading our letters. Here is his (modest as ever) response:  smiley


A higher quality link to the letter is here:


Week 4

Final preparations for SATs are well underway in Class 5 - we have been working in pairs and coaching each-other on how to answer different reasoning paper questions. We have really gained a lot from verbalizing our ideas and working through problems together.


We have also been exploring and manipulating formal language and have begun to write letters to Mr Thorpe which will hopefully grant us permission to have an after-SATs celebration day; stay tuned to find out if we have been successful!





Week 3


Class 5 have been working very hard this week, completing the final drafts of our war battle stories, which are based upon a scene in War Horse.

We have written in first person and really tried to include as much emotive language as possible. Here are a few examples of our work!

Week 2

It is assessment week for Class 5 and we have been completing the 2017 SATs papers this week, then using iPads to revise our arithmetic and reasoning skills on TT Rockstars, Squeebles and Diagnostic Questions.

All staff are proud of the progress every child as made and their attitude towards their studies!


Week 1

Class 5 have enjoyed our most recent whole-class guided reading book, 'War Horse' by Michael Morpurgo. We have been refining our inference skills this week, focusing on the part of the text where Joey was sold to the army.

We really empathised with Albert and Joey, and the result was some very meaningful responses!


This week Year 6 have been generating high-level vocabulary, which can be used in our was stories, based upon 'War Horse' by Michael Morpurgo.


We have thought about the character of Joey the horse, then about the settings encountered during the war.


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