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Summer Term 2

Week beginning 12th July


It has been a very end of term.  On Wednesday we ended our Seaside topic by having a 'seaside day' at school.  We had so much fun as our outdoor area was transformed into the seaside.  We loved having sandcastle competitions and had fun at the amusements playing 'Tin Can Alley' and  Hook-a-duck'   There were lots of splashes and jumping over waves in the 'sea' too. Our tasty lunch of fish and chips, followed by a cooling ice-cream was also a big highlight for all the children. It was wonderful to see everyone having so much fun after such a difficult time.

We found ourselves in the "credit shop" of Friday which was very rewarding. We spent lots of time deciding what we would like to spend our credits on and were very pleased with our purchases.  To mark the end of the year and to celebrate some of the nursery children moving into Reception after the Summer we enjoyed a fair well movie morning and we had a mini graduation ceremony. 

Week beginning 5th July

This week we have continued to discuss the 'seaside'.  We looked at different places in England that some of us have been on holiday and shared our holiday memories.


To show support for England we made a tasty treat of an England iced biscuit.  They tasted delicious too! 

Week beginning 28th June


This week we have continued to talk about going to the seaside. Mrs Blakemore has made our very own mini beach in the classroom for us to enjoy.  We have explored the rock pools and built some amazing sandcastles.   Outside we have had our big sandpit open so we have had lots of fun exploring.  

We have been fantastic scientists this week and explored the concept of 'Floating and Sinking' We had to choose an object and make a prediction of what we thought was going to happen before we dropped it into the water.  We learnt that when it goes to the bottom it means it has sunk and if it stays on the top of in the middle in means that it is "floating".  We really enjoyed exploring lots of different objects.  We were shocked to see that some big things floated and some small thing sank!  

Week beginning 21st June


This week we have started to learn some new songs linked with our topic "The Seaside"  We enjoyed talking about our memories of going to the seaside.  When we go to the seaside we like to build sandcastles on the beach, paddle in the sea and eat yummy fish and chips.  Some of us talked about visiting the arcades and winning prizes.  What is your favourite memory of the seaside?  Please share some photographs with us.


In provision this week we have been using the iPads.  We have loved exploring the Number blocks apps and programming the caterpillar on code-a-pillar.

On Friday we had lots of fun doing our music interaction session.  We are very good at listening and following all the different instructions.  We made Fred the frog fly up to the ceiling today!



Some of our new children helped Mrs Sanderson make purple play dough for us to play with next week. We found it amazing watching all the ingredients mix together and see how it changed.  We can't wait to play with it now.

Week beginning 14th June


Welcome back everyone!  I can not believe it is the final term of this school year. It’s been a very unusual one but brilliant also.  We have lots of fun activities planned for our final seaside topic.  


This week we we have welcomed another new friend to Nursery.  We have spent lots of time getting to know our friend and reminded ourselves on how to be an amazing friend by sharing and looking after each other.  We had lots of fun in our new ice cream parlour and have enjoyed talking about our holiday adventures.

After our maths session each day we have continued our learning outside by doing physical maths.  We have chosen a number and then done the corresponding number of jumps or laps around the yard.  We even counted the correct amount of sticks and stones.  It was great fun!

In Nursery we love to sing!  We really enjoy singing our “good morning” song, day of the week and months of the year.  We thought you might like to hear us so take a look. 

Singing fun

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We love to sing!

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Our good morning song

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