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Spring Term 2

Tuesday 23rd March


Today we reflected on Easter and he significance of the cross.  We thought about how we can grow in love.  After our collective worship we learnt all about Hot Cross Buns and then we enjoyed trying them. Some of us thought they were delicious 😋 

Monday 22nd March


Today we listened to the Easter story and afterwards we used our finger print to decorate a cross.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  

We all planted a sunflower seed and a bean so that we can observe the changes over time.  We are going to investigate what seeds need to grow. Some of the seeds have just been left dry in the container and another tray has water and has been put in a dark cupboard.  One of the trays has been given water and has been put in the light.  We will watch how the seeds change.  

Friday 19th March


Over the past few weeks we have really enjoyed being back together with our friends in Nursery.  We have welcomed some new children too.  Mrs Blakemore is very proud of how well we are getting along and how we are showing respect for each other. We have been very caring and shared beautifully this week.  

Wednesday 17th March


In our collective worship and RE session today we thought about the important messages we hear from the bible.  We reflected on how Jesus is the light of the word and we should follow in Jesus’ footsteps and show love and kindness to others.  To remember this important message we made Jesus headlights which reminded us that Jesus leads the way.  When we went into provision we thought about how we could show our love by sharing and being kind to each other.  We were very proud of our headbands and took them home to share the important message with our families.  


Tuesday 16th March


Today we participated in the Yorkshire School Games Week, which involved us trying five different sports.  We started with orienteering, where we’d had a map and had to use it to locate some different shapes that we’re hidden.  We had two teams to see which team could complete 5e challenge first.  The blue team won but we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  


Afterwards we we went into the hall to learn a dance routine.  We had to learn arm movements, footwork and performance skills.  It was lots of fun and we enjoyed adding our own freestyle moves too! 


Then in we had a go at something completely different.... boxing! We really enjoyed learning the stance and guard before we had a good go at learning to jab! Watch out at home as some of us were really good and light on our feet!


Our next activity was ping pong but this was super tricky so we swapped the ball for a shuttle instead.  This made it much for enjoyable and we were able to hit the shuttle at least 4 times in the air.  


Afterwards, we tried a go a frisbee.  We learnt how to hold the frisbee and practised throwing and catching it with one hand.  Once we had mastered these skills we then had a competition to see if we could throw it forwards to a target.

We really enjoyed our morning and said a big thank you to Mr Kynoch for organising such a fun time for us all. 

Friday 12th March


Today we had lots of fun with in our music session.  We played the different instruments in different ways and explored changing the volume of the sounds.  We sang songs and bounced Fred the frog on the lycra.  

Thursday 11th March


There was only one thing to do on a very windy morning...... fly kites!  To make our kite we cut a kite shape out a piece of card, decorated it and attached some string.  We very excitedly took them outside for a flying test. It was brilliant! All the children loved running around with them and watched them dance in the wind. 

Monday 8th March 

WOW! What an amazing morning it has been.  It was fantastic to see all of our Superheroes in Nursery today.  We were so excited to be back together that we couldn’t help but have a dance and “Celebrate”. 


Throughout the morning we had lots of time to talk with our friends and we even shared some of our news with Oscar Bear, who had missed our cuddles too!  We talked about all the things we had enjoyed whilst being at home and told our friends how much we had missed them.


In provision today we had fun making love potions, building sand castles,   cooking up a storm in the kitchen and lots more!  We can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow.

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.