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For literacy & maths this week I have changed the resources that we are using. These new resources have the instructions, power point, questions and challenge questions all in the same document to make things a little easier. These resources can be found below:

Afternoon Work:

As part of our afternoon work this week we will be thinking about Holy Week and the work that would be doing in school to help us prepare for this. Each day you will have a short power point with different activities relating to different parts of Holy Week.

In our topic this week we are going to find out about healthy living and the things we can do to help our body to stay healthy. I would like you to start today by looking at our heart rates and how these are effected by exercise.

Complete the table below using 5 different exercises (you can choose them) which you must be able to do for 1 minute at a time recording your heart rate before and after each activity. Watch the video below first to find out how to find and measure your pulse (this will tell you your heart rate). You will need a stop watch or something similar for this activity, there is a link to a stop watch below as well.

This week we will also be looking at how our diet influences our health. To help with this I would like you to record your meals for each day in a table like the one below.
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