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Autumn Term 2

Week 7


It's Christmas!


This week has been so busy and very festive! On Wednesday we had our FS1 nativity- after practising every day for three weeks the children's hard work paid off and they were fantastic! Mrs Taylor, Mrs Pratt and Mrs Sanderson were so proud.


On Thursday we had our Christmas party- we came in our party clothes, did lots of dancing, played some games and had some yummy food. It was lots of fun!


On Friday we had a big surprise! It was almost home time when we heard a loud knock on the door! We went to see who it was, but no one was there (although we have a sneaky feeling it was Santa!). Then we saw a big present left on the floor! We opened it and found our new class robot Doc- we can't wait to play with him after Christmas!

Week 6


Its Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!


On Monday we loved playing in the snow that had fallen at the weekend. We wrapped up warm and went outside to explore, being very careful not to slip! We made lots of footprints across the playground and then found some paint brushes and sticks to write and draw in the snow.


In preparation for the Christmas fayre on Friday we have been busy making some lovely Christmas decorations to sell. We have also started to make our lists for Father Christmas- we have looked through magazines and have cut out what we like and stuck it onto our lists ready for Mrs Taylor to post next week. We have also been busy decorating our class Christmas tree with shiny colourful tinsel and baubles.

Week 5


Sing Christingle, Sing Christingle!


This week we made our Christingles in preparation for the Christingle service on Wednesday. We learned that the orange represents the world, the candle is a symbol for Jesus the 'light of the world', the sticks represent the four seasons, the raisins the sweetness of God's creations and the red ribbon reminds us of Jesus' love for us all. We really enjoyed making these and were so good throughout the service in the hall. Below is a link to the lyrics of song we sang all about the Christingle.



Week 4


Shiny Sort and a Search for Shapes


We have really enjoyed discovering shiny objects and materials this week. Harry reminded us that “Moana’s crab likes shiny things” so we investigated further. We found out that his name is Tamatoa and that he does, in fact, love all things shiny! We watched him sing his song ( and then sorted through some objects to decide which Tamatoa would want to keep and which he wouldn’t. We learned that the ones he wouldn’t like are ‘dull’.

On Friday we went in search of shapes all over school. We found lots of different ones including square tiles on the ceiling, a circle clock in the hall, a triangle wet floor sign and lots of rectangle doors.

This week preparations for our nativity have begun. We have started practising our songs and had a couple of run throughs of the play- we know that we will be fantastic on the day! Please use the links below to practise our songs at home.


Little Donkey-

Away in a Manger-

Week 3


Stars and a Showcase


To begin our new topic, ‘Is it shiny?’, we have been reading the story ‘How to Catch a Star’ by Oliver Jeffers. We have talked about what stars are, when we see them, what colours they are and what they might feel like, as well as thinking about if we could really catch a star like the boy does in the story. We decorated our own shiny stars and talked about their shape- we know they have 5 corners and 10 sides.


On Friday the big day was here and we performed our showcase for World Nursery Rhyme Week. We have been practising lots and have tried so hard to learn all five songs- Mrs Taylor thought we did fantastic on the day and she was very proud!

Week 2


Rectangles, and triangles, and squares (and circles!)- oh my!


This week we have been getting very busy with shapes. We have played shape swap, matched like shapes, built giant shapes in the construction area, drawn round shapes, made pictures using shapes and we have even found the pesky shapes that were hiding around our classroom!


Along with Class 1, we have also joined in with World Nursery Rhyme week, for which we have learned and practised a new song every day. We have done so well with this challenge- 5 songs in one week isn't easy! We can't wait to sing them for you at our showcase next Friday!





Week 1


Pumpkins Everywhere!


As the weather gets colder, the nights get darker and the seasonal changes are happening all around us, we thought it would be nice to begin this half term by learning all about Autumn.  We have been on an Autumn walk to find Autumn leaves, read the story 'Leaf Man', made firework paintings and have turned our reading corner into a cosy Autumnal space. 

As the children were really excited to tell us about the pumpkin picking and carving that they did during the holidays we have based a lot of our learning this week around pumpkins.  We have read the story 'Pumpkin Soup' and made our own (although we weren't too sure about the taste!), drawn and painted our own pumpkins, carved an enormous pumpkin to see how many seeds were inside, and used a pumpkin to mark make on.  Who knew a pumpkin could have so many uses?!

One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.