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Primary School Open Days in Hoyland: What to Expect

Primary school open days in Hoyland present a valuable opportunity for parents and children to explore their new primary school up close. These events offer a valuable glimpse into the school's environment, facilities, and teaching methods. In this article, we will explore the importance of attending local school open days, discuss whether you should bring your child along, discuss the reasons behind schools hosting these events, and provide an overview of what happens, and what questions to ask, during primary school open days in Hoyland.


Why Attend a Primary School Open Day In Hoyland?

Whether you are looking at the regular intake period or have moved house and need to transfer your child mid-year, attending a primary school open day is an essential step in the decision-making process for parents and children. Here's why you should consider visiting during a local school open day:


To get a feel for the school: Open days provide a good opportunity to get a feel for the school's atmosphere. It gives you the opportunity to observe student-teacher interactions, classrooms, and facilities, and to get a sense of the school's culture.


Meet the staff: During open days, you can talk to teachers, staff members, and the school's leadership. You can learn about their approachability, enthusiasm, and dedication through this interaction.


Ask questions: Attending an open day is a great opportunity for you to learn about the school's curriculum, extracurricular activities, support services, and values. Your decision will be based on the information you gain from these conversations.

What Happens at Primary School Open Days?

Each school’s planning will vary, but, the following activities and events can generally be expected to take place during a school open day in Hoyland:


Guided tours: Many schools organise guided tours to showcase their facilities, such as classrooms, libraries, sports facilities, science labs, and performing arts studios. By doing this, visitors can see how the school is structured and what it offers.


Classroom demonstrations: During open days, teachers prove their teaching methods, engage students in activities, and provide a glimpse into the classroom.

Information sessions: Schools may provide information about their curriculum, extracurricular activities, vision, and values through presentations or Q&A sessions.

Meet and greet: There is no better way to get to know a school's school leadership team and teachers than to attend an open day. A tour of the school is an opportunity to engage in conversation, ask questions, and learn more about the school community.

Student performances: To display students' talents and achievements, schools may organise musical recitals, theatrical performances, or sporting events.

What Questions Should You Ask at a Primary School Open Day?

Attending a local school open day is a great opportunity to learn more about the school's educational approach and ask questions. Here are some useful questions to ask that will help you understand if the school is right for your family:


What is the school's teaching philosophy or approach?

Knowing the school's teaching philosophy will give you insights into its engaging methods, individualised learning approach, and educational goals.


How does the school support students with different learning styles or needs?

Besides ensuring that a school provides a supportive and inclusive environment, this question is crucial if your child has specific learning requirements.


What extracurricular activities are offered?

A child's development depends on extracurricular activities. Schools offer several options to match your child's interests, including sports, arts, music, and clubs.


How does the school communicate with parents?

Parents and schools must establish a strong partnership. Find out how you will stay updated on your child's progress, events, and any concerns you may have about your child.

What measures are in place to ensure student safety and well-being?

Taking care of your child's safety and well-being is of the utmost importance. Discover what the school does to address bullying and behavioural issues, such as student safety.

How do teachers handle behavioural issues or conflicts among students?

Inspect how the school resolves conflicts and maintains a positive learning environment by asking about discipline and conflict resolution.


What is the school's transition process from primary to secondary education?

You should understand how a primary school prepares its students for the transition to secondary education. Find out if they provide support and if they partner with secondary schools.

How does the school involve parents in the educational journey?

A supportive learning environment is fostered by creating a strong home-school partnership. Consider volunteering, joining a parent-teacher association, or taking a workshop.


Can I speak to current parents or visit a classroom during a typical school day?

Speaking with current parents about their experience with the school is advantageous. Seeing a classroom during regular school hours allows you to determine if students are engaged and observe teacher-student interaction.


A primary school open day provides you with an opportunity to gather information, get a feel for the school, and decide if it's the right fit for your child. To make an informed decision, ask thoughtful questions based on your educational preferences and your child's needs.

Should You Take Your Child to a Primary School Open Day?

Attending a local school open day can help your child feel more involved in the process and transition. When scheduling such events, remember to take their age, temperament, and readiness into consideration. You might want to consider these things:


  • Open days may be difficult for younger children to understand, but older children will have an easier time exploring the school.


  • The experience of attending an open day can provide your child with familiarity and comfort while they prepare for the eventual transition to a new school environment.


  • Children's participation, reactions, and feedback are all vital to your decision-making process, so involve them early and often.

Book Your Child’s Primary School Open Day at St Helen’s!

Attending a school open day at St Helen’s Catholic Primary School in Hoyland is an invaluable step in the decision-making process for parents and prospective students. Our events offer firsthand experiences, opportunities to interact with school staff, and a chance to explore the facilities and programs. By attending open days at St Helen's, you can make informed decisions about your child's education, and your child can gain familiarity with the school environment before you start the application process.


The next primary school open day at St Helen’s is:

Friday 29th September: 1pm til 6pm


Can’t make it to an open day? Not to worry! We can also cater to informal visits, subject to appointment, to better suit your schedule. So, mark your calendars and make the most of the St Helen’s Primary School open days in Hoyland to find the perfect educational fit for your child! Find our future open days scheduled above, on our website, via our Facebook page, or contact us if you would like to book a visit.

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