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Autumn 1

This half term our topic is called Alchemy Island. We will be doing lots of science experiments, design and technology, art and music. Check back regularly to see the exciting things we have been doing.
To accompany our soundtracks and our journey through Alchemy Island We have all made a board game which links with the island. We researched different types of games and identified what we liked about them and what we would like to include in our own games. After that we got into groups and created an idea before taking this concept through to a finished product.
As part of our Alchemy Island work we have used a sound editing program to put together a soundtrack for our journey around the island. We selected different songs thinking about the atmosphere for each part of the island. We then selected parts of these songs and mixed them together to create one single soundtrack. Have a listen to some of them below and try to imagine your own journey around the island.

Alchemy Island Soundtracks

Class 5 have had the most wonderful (and muddy) three days at Kingswood. We leapt from high places, crawled down low in mud, soared through the air and danced like mad men. All the children have been amazing and have been a true credit to both the Federation and their parents.
Have a look at some of the fantastic presentations we have been making in class. We researched lots of things about gold and how alchemists used to try and change other materials into gold.

In literacy we have been writing and presenting soliloquys. A soliloquy is a bit like a monologue but instead of speaking to the audience the person speaks their thoughts out loud. Below you can see some of us performing our soliloquys as well as some of our final written drafts.

Soliloquy 1

Still image for this video

Soliloquy 2

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Soliloquy 3

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In Class this week we received some exciting material samples from different parts of Alchemy Island and tested them to find out their different properties. We checked for hardness, transparency, magnetism as well as electrical and thermal conductivity.
This week Class 5 have been to Saint Pius as part of a retreat day with the In Reality team. All three classes worked, played and prayed together. Everyone had a fantastic time.
Today the children have been designing and creating their very own water filtration system. They discussed how the different levels of filtration material worked and if the clear water was the same as clean water.

Water filter time lapse

Still image for this video
The children have created slideshows about the properties of different materials and the different ways they can be used. Some of the children even talked about the different states of materials (Liquids, gases and solids).
We have been exploring different materials and the way we can change and affect them. We started by "stacking" water using different solutions of water and dissolved sugar. The solutions that had the most sugar were put in first with more diluted solutions "stacked" on top.
One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.