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Year 6 Spellings list

The organiser consists of resources for every Year 5/6 learning objective, along with links to Youtube videos, which will help remind you of the methods needed.



Topic - Blood Heart


What's inside a heart? Heart Dissection – At-Bristol Science Centre on YouTube

In this four-minute video, Ross Exton dissects a pig’s heart and explains some of its internal features, including the atrium, ventricles, valves and heart strings. 


The heart and how it works – BBC Bitesize

A one-minute clip that introduces the human heart and its function as a pump.


Know your heart – British Heart Foundation  

This interactive tool, which combines films, tasks and quizzes, covers three topics: the heart and what it does, cardiovascular disease and the symptoms, and the risk factors of cardiovascular disease.


Living things: circulation – BBC Bitesize   

Information, an interactive game and a quiz about circulation, the heart and the pulse.


Circulatory System – Science Kids 

A one-minute video that shows red blood cells travelling around the body.


Your Cardiovascular System – Discovery Kids

Information about different aspects of the circulatory system, including the heart, arteries and blood. 

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