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Autumn Term 1

Week 8


After great half term, Class 4 are finishing the week developing their fluency in column multiplication.  They have worked really hard to understand the technique and apply the concept in their lessons.  Class 4 have also been finishing their newspapers about the murder of the pharaoh King Tutankhamun and if he was murdered or died as a result of illness.   Well done Class 4.

Week 7


The children have worked incredibly hard this week learning to use grid method to solve multiplication problems.  Pupils have developed their fluency in solving questions that are 2 digits by 1 digits, 2 digits by 2 digits, 2 digits by 3 digits, 3 digits by 3 digits and bigger in preparation for solving multiplication with decimals.  Children have also practiced for their class assembly and hope to demonstrate to their grown-ups everything they have learnt this half term.  We look forward to seeing you tomorrow to share our work.

Week 6


This week children have finished writing their diaries using the slow writing frame.  They have sampled some more homemade Egyptian flatbread homework (made by Patrycja, Nicola and Nina) as well as having a go at multi-step addition and subtraction problems.

Week 5


This week we have begun diary writing using the 'slow writing' technique.  The 'slow writing' technique has given all pupils the opportunity to develop their work and focuses them to include a greater range of literacy features.  This is the first time the class have tried this and have done really well so far.

Our preservation of apple using different salts is also doing really well and we will soon be able to determine which salt is best for mummification.


Week 4

We had a fabulous week this week not only having the opportunity to taste Egyptian flatbread and African bread but we also got to disect ancient Egyptian poo and decide based on our findings and from the poo and inspiration trays who the poo belonged to.  

We also began our investigation into which salt is best for preserving just like the Egyptians used Natron for mummification.  A busy week - well done Class 4!


Brilliant homework brought in by Josef and Autumn - Egyptian flatbread and African bread. We all agreed that both were delicious! Fabulous skills shown - well done.

Week 3


Well done to all of the children this week for completing their assessments and working so hard. Remember that the assessments are only a small part of you, you are amazing and fabulous in so many ways! Keep up the hard work and well done!


Creative Topic Homework

The Brick Pyramid

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Creative Topic Homework

Week 2


This week has seen us writing our own version of a poem written by the published Poet Paul Cookson.  Paul visited the school on Monday and spent time in Class 4 during the afternoon.  Class 4 then wrote a poem about pets, they worked well together and have shown how creative they can be when writing their own verses. Here's the poem:-


Class 4's Poem—That’s no place to put a pet


Call a vet, call a vet that’s no place to put a pet

Call a vet, call a vet that’s no place to put a pet


Cat—Don’t put the cat in grandads hat

Dog—Don’t put the dog in your dinner

Snake—Don’t put the snake wedding cake

That’s no place to put a pet


Call a vet, call a vet that’s no place to put a pet

Call a vet, call a vet that’s no place to put a pet


Chicken— Don’t put the chicken in the coffin

Budgie—Don’t put the budgie in your brothers bath

Hamster—Don’t put the hamster in the ham

That’s no place to put a pet


Call a vet, call a vet that’s no place to put a pet

Call a vet, call a vet that’s no place to put a pet


Children have also made a brilliant start to their homework.  Children have shown how imaginative they can be when completing the topic element of it.  Here are some of our creations so far... 


Lego Pyramids

Week 1


Welcome to the new pupils and grown ups of Class 4.  This week we have had a brilliant start to the week, beginning our new class novel 'Secrets of a Sun King' by Emma Caroll  to go alongside our first topic 'Pharaohs'.  In Maths we have spent time learning and developing our understanding of Roman Numerals. Meanwhile, in literacy we have begun looking at different types of poetry including songs and raps, in particularly 'The Grinch' and the poetry features found within it.  This is in preparation for our poetry week next week.  

During our topic lessons we have studied British Values, learning about what a government is and what makes up the government in Britain.  We have discussed the 5 British Values and how they are relevant both within the classroom and society. 

All pupils have worked really hard this week and we are looking forward to the exciting year ahead.


One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.