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Spring Term 2

Where in the Wild Artwork

Week 5

This week we have been learning how to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes so please keep practising at home as this is a very tricky skill to master. 

We have been reading lots of 'Alien' words. This is also a very tricky skill but we know that children can truly use phonetics to decode unfamiliar words when they can apply their knowledge of letter sounds in order to read nonsense words. 


In RE, we continued to learn all about Lent by reflecting upon our Ash Wednesday service in church. We also discussed how we can turn bad choices into good choices and we made our own Lenten promises. Quite a few children promised to help their families more at home and to be kinder to their siblings. We look forward to hearing that they have kept their promises!

Week 4

Thirty days hath September,
April, June, and November,
all the rest have thirty-one.
February has twenty-eight,
but leap year coming one in four,
February then has one day more.


This week we have been learning how to spell the months of the year and saying them in the correct order. Also in Maths, we have been using a game called Hundred Hunt and we have been been learning how to use the inverse operation to find the missing number in a calculation (i.e. 67 + ? = 100)


In Literacy we shared a Brazilian Traditional Tale called 'The Legend of the Rainforest Creature'. We the created our own rainforest creature to add to the story and created a story map for our own version.


In our science lessons this week we started to learn about some of the many plants and creatures that live in the Amazon Rainforest. There are some very weird and wonderful plants and creatures that live in this vast habitat.



Week 3

This week has been all about reflecting upon previous events. 


In literacy, we wrote a recount of the many fantastic things we did on World Book Day.


In maths, we used all of the operations we now know to create calculations to reach a target number. 


In Design and Technology, we evaluated the headdresses that we have created for the carnival and made suggestions for possible improvements.


In RE, we reflected upon all the times we have made good choices and how this has helped others.


At home, we are encouraged to practise the times tables that we have learnt and to keep reading and writing the common exception words that are listed in the front of our Spelling Books. 


It's been fun looking back but now it's time to look forward to next week!

Week 2

Wow! What a busy week we have had here in Class 2!


We met a dance teacher on Monday, called Miss Kim, and she taught us a fantastic dance routine. We will have a few more sessions with Miss Kim and we are hoping that she will teach us a few Samba moves for our Rio style carnival.


On Wednesday, a theatre group came to school and performed a lovely version of a classic book called 'The Secret Garden'. We then used some photos as prompts to write a review of the performance. 


It was World Book Day on Thursday and we loved dressing as our favourite characters and sharing some of our favourite books with our friends. We also went to Goldthorpe Library and shared some stories there and had a go at some craft activities too. 


People from home joined us in school on Friday for our Parent Topic Session. We used feathers, sequins and ribbon to create the most amazing headdresses to wear for our Rio style carnival.


Despite having such a busy week, we still managed to fit in some maths work and this week we were making target numbers by creating calculations and using as many of the four operations as we could. 


It really has been a very busy week!


Week 1

We are all very excited about our new topic 'Rio de Vida' because this half term we will be having lots of fun getting ready for our Rio style carnival. 

This week we learnt that the Earth has seven continents and five oceans. We found South America on a map and we started to learn all about one of it's countries - Brazil. 


In maths, we have been tackling some division word problems and the children even had a go at creating their own word problems for their friends to solve. We have also been using an App called 'Squeebles' and an online game called 'Tables Tennis', to practise our multiplication and division skills. 


On Friday we celebrated 'British Values Day' and had great fun dressed in our Red, White and Blue clothes. We listened to some traditional British songs and we enjoyed singing 'Yellow Submarine' by the very British band 'The Beetles'. As it was also St David's Day, we learned all about St David, who is the Patron Saint of a British country called Wales. We made daffodils and wrote on each of the petals ways that we could be good British Citizens. 



One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.