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Spring 2

Week 6
This week Class 5 were very lucky to have some of our parents and grandparents into class for a fantastic craft afternoon. We were given a square of metal wire and sheets with examples of WW2 tanks, planes and boats and tasked with the job of creating the vehicle of our choice. It was such an amazing afternoon and parents and children enjoyed it so much. Even though some struggled to begin with the end results are brilliant. We can't wait for them to dry so we can paint them. Thank you to all parents/grandparents who could make it and for helping to give the children such a brilliant experience.
Week 5
Class 5 have had a very fantastic week this week even though it's been SAT's week. We have scored very highly on our tests and now go into our really SAT's off the back of an excellent final practice. During the week we raised a lot of money for 'Dreamflight' in two ways. Class 5 helped the other classes in the school complete a sponsored mile. Also, we had a movie afternoon. Class 5 brought in lots of their teddies from home as well as getting into their pyjamas and they enjoyed watching Aladdin and part of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Week 4
In our topic this week we were looking at rationing during the war. We talked about the reasons why rationing was introduced as well as looking at the items which were rationed. We also looked at propaganda posters for different campaigns to keep moral up at home including the dig for victory campaign. We attempted to design and create our own dig for victory posters. Our work will be posted online when we finish.
Week 3
Class 5 have been looking at ballad music as our style in this term. We have been focusing on Adele's version of feel my love. We have been looking at the arrangement of the music as well as trying to learn the song. Here are videos of us singing as well as our work using a xylophone to play the tune.


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Week 2
Class 5 have had a fantastic trip to Eden Camp this week. It was a wonderful experience to begin our new topic A child's war. We were able to experience life in  Britain during World War 2 by looking at recreations of the blitz and the blackout. We also experienced some of the famous entertainers of the time in a puppet show and had a good sing along.


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Week 1
Class 5 have been taking advantage of our new school IPads. We have been looking at the app 'I can animate'. For our next ICT project we will be creating and editing our own animations, this will include creating our sets, filming our animation and adding sound and titles at the end. Keep an eye on this page for our completed animations in future weeks. For today we had a hands on attempt at using the app.

Carys, Fleur, Billy and Euan.M4V

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Freddie, Rocco and Ellis.M4V

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Megan L and Madison.M4V

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Patrick, Jamie, Rowan and Jarvis.M4V

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