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Hoyland Back to School Checklist

Our Hoyland Back to School Checklist makes preparation easier

There can be a lot of chaos when September comes around and the school year starts again. That’s why St Helen’s has made things easy with our Hoyland Back to School Checklist, pointing out a few essentials you should remember when preparing for that first day back at school. 

Check the school's website for information

If you are signed up for them, you will most likely receive a letter or newsletter from your school updating you on any essential information that you will need to know. Ensure you check any that came through on email or any online app that the school may be using since the start of the summer holidays. Additionally, check their website and social media pages for any news and information that they might have posted there.


The types of information that are important to watch out for are:


  • You will need to complete any necessary forms or paperwork in advance.
  • You'll want to read school policies - especially about uniforms and items you can bring.
  • The date and time of the day on which the first day of classes will begin.
  • The school will suggest any new items they suggest that you purchase.
  • Children who change schools usually must register or enrol in advance.

Make sure you have the right clothes and essentials

Each school year, it's not uncommon for parents to have to buy full sets of uniforms for their children since they grow so quickly. It is also important to make sure you check the uniform criteria before buying anything new if your child is changing schools.


Here are some key points to keep in mind for your back-to-school checklist:


The uniform for school:

This can vary from school to school and therefore it is a good idea to check the school’s individual Uniform Policy. However, we would recommend using name labels or markers that will not fade or fade away to keep track!


Their P.E. Kit can also vary, but at St Helen’s we highlight the following:

  • Navy/Black shorts
  • White T-Shirt
  • Navy/Black Tracksuit
  • Pumps/Trainers
  • Bag to carry their P.E. belongings


The following essentials:

  • You will need to bring a packed lunch if your child is not having school dinners
  • A drink bottle
  • A backpack
  • A hairband or two
  • A supply of tissues
  • Sun cream in summer


Supplies for school that you should check in advance

Your child's school may recommend certain products or stationery for use with their teaching methods, so keep an eye out for lists of suggestions. However, here at St Helen’s, we provide all of this for our children, to ensure they have the best school experience.

Routines and procedures should be checked

Parents can establish procedures with children for dealing with changes in routines, priorities, and plans.


The following things should be arranged in advance:


  • Set up a school routine as early as possible. Before the first day of school, it is good to use an alarm clock/calendar and set a bedtime.


  • Be prepared in the morning so that you don't end up struggling for ideas for packed lunches, breakfast, and snacks. Check out the costs and options to ensure your child is ready to go to school on the first day if they will be buying school dinners.


  • A great way to help your child feel positive about school is to introduce them to other classmates before school begins. The first couple of weeks of school is a good time to prioritise this.


  • Plan an alternative route/means of travel in case of an emergency while your child is travelling to and from school. It is also important to have a number of emergency contacts, as well as a spare bus fare just in case.


  • Keep your school informed about any changes and health checks your child has received. The school should be made aware of allergies and other health changes that your child may experience, such as the need for glasses or medical kits for allergies.


  • Write down any school procedures and phone numbers you may need. This is especially helpful if your child is sick or will be late.


  • You should talk to your child about the first day of school and any worries they might have. When you address concerns before they arise, you will be able to avoid issues like sudden tears or tantrums at the gate.

Is this your child’s first year of primary school in Hoyland?

For you and your child, the first day at primary school can be exciting and nerve-wracking, especially when starting fresh for the first time. Getting ready to start school is a huge step for children, and it is normal for them to feel scared and anxious.


You can make a positive impact on your child's education by giving them the best start in their school career. The development of each child will vary when they begin school. Nevertheless, to prepare children for this new experience, parents and carers can do a few things. Alongside the Hoyland Back to School checklist above, these tips will help you ease your little one through the transition;


1. Get familiar with the school run by practising it.

2. Get your child used to the idea of wearing uniforms to school.

3. Don't stress - prepare your first day in advance.

4. Is your child confident using the toilet independently?

5. Is your child familiar with their names - spoken and written down?

6. It's important to communicate about school in advance and what to expect.

7. As a parent, you will also experience a change - take time for yourself!


Now that you’ve read our Hoyland back-to-school checklist and have everything you need, you can focus on creating the best school experience for your child. Just moved into Hoyland moving schools, or looking for a new school that is best for your child? Learn more about the St Helen’s application process or contact us to learn more about our school and how we can support your little one!

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