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You can find copies of our latest class topic newsletters below. (Additional copies are also available in the letters section of our website.) 

At Sacred Heart, we aim to provide our children with a broad and balanced curriculum, one which inspires them to become life-long learners and to reach their individual potential. 


Our Curriculum Intent


We have six principle curriculum aims: 


* To nurture children as they grow, following the teaching of the Catholic church. 

* To give our children the strongest foundation and the best chance for success in the next stage of their education. 

* To help children develop healthy attitudes towards learning, themselves and other people. 

* To raise children's aspirations and help them understand that hard work and a positive growth mindset are key to reaching these goals.

* To help children develop a better understanding of the world around them. 

* To teach children in an exciting, topic based way which opens curriculum subjects and children's minds, for exploration and deeper understanding.  



At Sacred Heart we want to help all of our children to become real learners, who not only have the key skills of literacy, maths, ICT and science, but have a thirst for learning. We recognise that in a fast changing world, our learners will need a wide range of skills, which are taught through our curriculum. Our children will need to be able to carry out research, work independently and with others, and to have developed a resourcefulness that will see them through periods of challenge or change. 


We encourage all our learners at Sacred Heart to have a positive growth mindset, where they are encouraged to believe that their ability is not inherited or fixed, but is developed over time through successful learning. Learners with a positive growth mindset value and learn from mistakes while persevering when they find a task difficult because they know that is how they make progress. 

We use 'Cornerstones Curriculum' as a basis for our curriculum, where classes follow their own topic which include a variety of fun, inspiring and memorable activities. Each topic begins with a hook for learning, this provides a starting point which will hopefully hook in the children and give them the interest and desire to learn more. 


Wherever possible, science, history, geography, art and design and technology are all taught through the class topic. We also have regular science weeks and investigation days in addition to weekly science lessons. Learners in Key Stage 2 also learn Spanish. 

We teach RE through the 'Come and See' scheme of work. This scheme is followed throughout the Diocese of Hallam. We also plan and teach different faiths throughout the year.

Literacy is taught on a daily basis and it is often linked to our topics. This provides purposeful opportunities for our children to write while continually developing their literacy skills.


Phonics is taught daily in EYFS and Key Stage 1. We use Read, Write Inc as a basis for our phonics teaching.  It provides a structured and systematic approach to teaching literacy. Children learn to read and write sounds and apply their knowledge within their work. The sessions build on the knowledge that the children have already and the sessions are fun and interactive, to enhance the learning experience for our children.



We aim to further engage pupils in their learning by taking them on educational visits, again linking to their topic. We appreciate the important role our families play in the education of our pupils, so we try to involve them as much as possible. Family members are invited to join us at Mass, for class assemblies, and also for topic afternoons where they can join their children for an afternoon of fun learning!


Maths is taught daily in school. We use the Maths Hub as the backbone of our curriculum, adopting their calculation policy and methods for developing the Mastery approach, which is based on children gaining a greater understanding of maths.


Each class has a long term topic plan which allows coverage of all curriculum subjects and engages and motivates pupils to make links between areas of learning. 


Our curriculum enables learners to achieve well in all subjects, taking into account their starting points, learning styles and capabilities. Our subjects also aim to enhance learning for our children, including the application of core skills such as literacy and maths across the curriculum. A good range of teaching and learning strategies provide learning opportunities for all children. 



You will also find a wealth of exciting curriculum information on our school Facebook page where we post regular updates on the interesting and memorable things that have been happening within our school.

Click the link below to visit our Facebook page. 



Each class also adds weekly updates to their class page on our website. Visit the 'Class Pages' section of the website to see what we've been up to this week. 


We also regularly add information to our 'Forthcoming Events' and 'News' sections of our website. These can be accessed through our 'Parents' section. 


If you require any further information about our curriculum, please contact the school office. 

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