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Spring Term 1

Week 6


Literacy - We have studied a variety of poems this week including: Television by Roald Dahl, Travellers by Walter De La Mare and Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan. Each poem was contrasting in style and provided an overview of how poetry can differ in style and approach. We investigated the skills that poets use including; alliteration, metaphor, simile, rhyme, repetition and onomatopoeia. We will apply our knowledge of this after the half term break.


Mathematics - We have investigated perimeter and area of compound shapes. Whilst working out these properties of shapes, we have converted measurements to different units of measure.


Science - This week brought an end to our topic of Evolution. Our final lesson brought class 5 to debate the evolution of the human and what we predicted future generations to look like. We all agreed obesity and climate change would have a significant impact on the human race!


PE - Dance. Please watch and enjoy our Haka routine. 

Week 5


Literacy - This week class 5 created a setting description of the Spiderwick Estate applying their knowledge of skills taught in this unit of work. Powerful imagery was created by every member of the class, setting the mood through the use of figurative language. Next week we move onto exploring our next unit of work, poetry.


Mathematics - Measurement. We investigated how mass, length and capacity are measured. We then explored the relationship between "cent" and "milli" and how that can help us understand a unit of measure.


Art - William Morris. Building up our sketching skills in preparation for designing our own William Morris style wallpaper.


Show Racism the Red Card - Year 6 enjoyed their afternoon at Barnsley Football Club, Oakwell this week when they attended the "Show Racism the Red Card." A press conference was held with three professional footballs; Jordan Williams, Jacob Brown and John Beresford and the children had the opportunity to ask them questions about how racism has affected them. Year 6 enjoyed meeting the footballers and getting their autographs.

William Morris inspired sketch work. As part of our exploration of work created by a famous artist, we had a go at sketching a hummingbird. We shaded in using a, "Graduated tone." 


We will then use our hummingbird as a template for for all other pieces of artwork inspired by William Morris. Nature plays a big part in the inspiration of his work in addition to floral designs. 


In our next art lesson, we will create a contrasting hummingbird using water colour. 

Week 3


Literacy - We continued to explore the first chapter of Spiderwick Chronicles, a book that we agreed could be classed in the genre of fantasy fiction. We then looked at other extracts from this genre to build a bank of writing tools used by authors. These skills included similes, metaphors, personification and expanded noun phrases.


Mathematics - We completed our unit of work on nets of 3D shapes and investigated both radius and diameter of circles. We applied our knowledge of circles by solving problems related to the length of coins placed in a row. We then moved onto exploring multiplying a fraction and an integer.



Week 2


Literacy - Sadly this week brought a close to our class reader, War Horse. We are all very proud of our trench diary extracts and enjoyed creating a published piece of work. We now move onto our new class reader - The Spiderwick Chronicles, the Field Guide. After reading chapter one, we have examined how the authors set the mood of a story by using specific language.


Mathematics - Coordinates. This week we have applied our knowledge of coordinates to solve problems related to reflection, translation and missing vertices. We have also investigated 3D-shapes, in particular nets. Key vocabulary used included: face, vertex, edge, prism and net.


Topic - Crime and punishment in the Victorian era

Take a look at the photographs below from our PE lesson. Mr Flanagan re-created activities that would help us imagine what it would have been like to be in a Victorian prison! Did you know that Victorian prisoners were expected to carry out monotonous tasks in silence with no communication. Thankfully, once the lesson finished we reflected on this experience and were allowed to communicate with each other! We all agreed that we definitely did not want to be a Victorian prisoner for committing a crime!

Dance 15.1.20

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Class 5 took inspiration from other sources to create their own versions of the Haka. Children demonstrated great perseverance and teamwork throughout the lesson.


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Week 1 

Happy New Year and welcome back to Class 5!


Literacy - Trench Diary Writing

This week has brought us to the end of our unit of work building upon the skills required to write a diary extract. We examined how Michael Murpurgo uses three adjectives in a sentence to provide a powerful description and how semi-colons can be used to structure a sentence.


Sadly this has brought us to the end of our work related to the text War Horse. We look forward to starting our new high quality text next week!


Mathematics - Shape and Coordinates

We started this week by revising how to plot a coordinate and built upon our knowledge of key mathematical vocabulary related to this topic, such as: quadrant, negative number (not minus), translation, congruent, polygon, origin and point. We used our prior knowledge of using a ruler and a protractor to accurately draw shapes to scale.


Science - Light

We investigated the idea that light travels in straight lines to explain why shadows have the same shape as the objects that cast them. We found out during our investigation that the closer the light source is to the object, the greater the size of the shadow.


Topic - Revolution

We practiced our Geographical fieldwork skills using a 16-point compass to identify the direction of countries that were part of the British Empire. We found out that the British Empire means countries that are ruled by the British Monarch.


Shadow Investigation

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