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Summer 2

W/B: 12.07.21

Week 5

This week, Class 2 completed our Art Project by cutting pieces of work, which we used different techniques and resources to create, into shapes to create one large piece of artwork. This piece of artwork appears as if the children are inside their painting, looking up at beautiful abstract art whilst being part of it. 


Well done on creating beautiful artwork Class 2!


What a fantastic way to end our year together! You have all worked so hard this year and I am proud of everything you have achieved. 


Have a wonderful summer and well-deserved rest, 

Miss Garratt smileyheart

W/B: 05.07.21

Week 4

This week, Class 2 continued taking part in our Euro Champion challenges to gain points for their teams which are named as different countries. 


This week our challenge was curling.

Class 2 showed enthusiasm and tried their best to gain points on the mat.


Well done on your hard work this week Class 2!

Enjoy your weekend and keep your fingers and toes crossed if you are watching the football.



W/B: 28.06.21

Week 3

In our Maths session on Wednesday, Class 2 worked in groups to make their own clocks on the playground using a hula hoop, chalk and wooden clock hands.


We wrote 12 followed by 6, 3, 9 and then completed the rest of the numbers on the clock.


We discussed when the minute hand points to 12 it is o’clock.

When the minute hand points to 6 it is half past.


We applied our learning to tell time to the hour and half hour. Class 2 also moved the minute hand around the clock, counting in fives and learnt that there are 60 minutes in 1 hour.


Well done on your fantastic work on time this week Class 2!

Remember: This week, I will be sending home your paper clocks for you to practise your learning at home. 

W/B: 21.06.21

Week 2

This Tuesday, Class 2 started our school competition of the Euro Championships!


Everyone in Class 2 and the other classes in our school has been put into a team which has the name of a country.


We will be competing weekly in sports activities to win points for our teams and we are excited to find out what the winning team's prize will be. 


Well done Class 2 on your first Euro Champion activity: Skittles.

Keep up the good work, I wonder which country will win our competition!

W/B: 14.06.21

Week 1

Welcome back Class 2!


Everyone has come back refreshed from our break, ready to learn and work their hardest. 


In Literacy, the children have created expanded noun phrases based on images from The Day the Crayons Quit and have started our new focus on Poetry.


In our Comprehension lessons, we have worked on VIPER questions on our new text Grandad's Secret Giant which is by the same author as a previous text we have explored in class. 


As a creative task, the children made Father's Day badges for their dad or a family member. Take a look below to see them, they look wonderful!


Have a lovely weekend Class 2 and well done on all your hard work this week,

Miss Garratt

Father's Day Crafts

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