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Autumn Term 1

Our Class topic this term will be Gods and Mortals, please click on the links below for more information.

Week 8

Well done Class 3, we made it!!!!! What a fabulous half term with so many positives! I have loved getting to know you and your families and seeing how much you have all improved in just eight weeks! You have made me so proud!

I'm looking forward to next half term for lots more fun filled days and the count down to Christmas!


This week you have been so hardworking. Your sharing assembly was without doubt the highlight of the week. I cannot believe you managed to learn your words, songs and dances in such a short space of time. You were all so brave and confident speaking in front of so many people. It was lovely to show everyone all your hard work from September!


You finally finished your Greek Myths after weeks of exploring, developing and creating such wonderful stories. Your descriptive vocabulary was fantastic and you have improved your handwriting so much! Well done! It was so lovely to compare your first Greek Myth in September and then your final copy this week. The progress is wonderful. If any parents would like a copy of the two stories to look at please feel free to ask.


In maths you have been working really hard on column addition. Next half term we will continue this and look at subtraction too.


I think all this hard work deserves a well earned break! Please have a lovely holiday everyone, keep safe and I look forward to seeing you on the 5th November!


Mrs Miller

Week 7

In Literacy this week we have finally started writing our own Greek Myths after weeks of work exploring Greek stories and learning new vocabulary. We are very proud of our work! Next week we will be editing and redrafting our work so that we can write it out using perfect presentation.


We have had lots of fun in Art designing Greek temples out of lego and art straws as well as painting and sketching some famous Greek characters. 


In Maths we have started adding and subtracting. We have been using our place value knowledge to add and subtract, 1, 10 and 100 mentally. We have been using hundred squares and blank number lines to help. Some of us are super quick and can do this in our heads!


Lots of us have been trying hard to be good role models for behaviour in our class!


Keep up the fantastic work, Class 3!

Week 6

Another busy week in Class 3! The children have enjoyed counting in Spanish to 20 and singing songs to help them remember!


In Literacy the children have been working extra hard to create a story plan for their own Greek Myth using similes, expanded noun phrases and conjunctions. I'm very excited to see the finished stories next week!


In RE the children have enjoyed learning all about the joys and sorrows of homes and home life. The children have created poems and posters to demonstrate their understanding. They have also been busy learning a song with Miss Morris too.


In art, the children have started to make sketches of Zeus, Athena, Medusa and the Chimera, adding detailed patterns and shading to their work.

Week 5

We have had another fantastic week in Class 3! 

The children have been designing a mythical hero character for their story thinking about looks, clothes, armour, magical items and weapons. They added labels to their drawing.


In Literacy the children have been learning about coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and how they can be used to improve sentences. They used their knowledge to write a character description, following their design,  for their Greek myth thinking about expanded noun phrases and other exciting vocabulary. 


In Maths the children have been developing their knowledge of number and place value further by looking at how to find 1, 10, 100 more or less than a given number quickly. 


In topic, Class 3 have enjoyed researching two ancient city states; Athens and Sparta. They found out the differences between the two and recorded their ideas in a table.


To complete our week we celebrated our British Values Day! We loved coming to school dressed in red, white and blue! We found out what a democracy was and linked this to our Greek topic too! We enjoyed making posters to share and remind people of our British Values.


Week 4

Class 3 have had an amazing week! It started off with a visit from Tempus Fugit that involved the children in music, drama and dance to retell the Greek myth; The Quest for Medusa’s Head. Following this the children enjoyed being dressed up as Greeks for the day and thoroughly enjoyed the Greek food tasting. They had fun writing using the Greek alphabet and finished the day with a Greek craft parent session making shields for Warriors and crowns for Gods and Goddesses.


In Literacy they have been learning about expanded noun phrases to extend their sentences and make them more interesting. They have been thinking about the impact the adjectives have on the reader. They then used these new skills to develop their vocabulary when describing a story setting for a Greek Myth.


In Numeracy they have been ordering and comparing numbers using their place value knowledge. They have been learning how to explain their reasons for answers.


In their quest to be rock legends they have had the chance to play timetables rockstars on the iPads to improve their knowledge and speed. I’m really pleased to see children have been playing this at home too. Who will be in our Hall of Fame next?


We have singers in the making in class 3! We had a fantastic time learning the words to our new class song Mamma Mia!


Well done Class 3! A FANTASTIC week all round! I am very proud of you all!

Week 3

The children have enjoyed listening to traditional Greek music in the afternoons whist creating some amazing Greek masterpieces! They have been learning about Greek pottery and how each design tells a story of every day life of war and heroes! The children focused on geometric designs to make their vases pleasing to the eye. Their inspiration came from the stories including Medusa, Apollo and the Chimera.


In our ICT lesson children have been learning how to keep safe when using the internet. We discussed the importance of keeping personal information private and the dangers of speaking to strangers online. We talked about what was acceptable and unacceptable with a focus on cyberbullying. The children discussed the best actions to take if they were upset by anything online.


Here are some useful links for parents to support e-safety at home. Please help us to keep our children safe online.

Week 2

The children have been settling in well to class 3 this week. They have been learning more about expectations in learning and behaviour.


In Literacy they have been very busy! At the beginning of the week they wrote poems with our visitor Paul Cookson and performed our class poem Supersonic Ears to the school. They have been enjoying listening to a selection of Greek Myths. They had fun learning about Medusa and how her hair turned to snakes because of her vanity. They learnt how Apollo battled the Chimera, the monster with the head of a lion, body of a goat, tail of a serpent and breath of a dragon to rescue his beloved Athena.

The children then worked together to identify the different features of a myth in order to write there own.


In Maths the children were learning how to write numbers up to a thousand in numbers and words and has started to partition three and four digit numbers. Later in the week the children had fun with the Year 6 children learning how to access Times Tables Rock Stars on the Ipads. 


Class 3 have started recorder lessons this week which they thoroughly enjoyed! They were fabulous at reading the notes and clapping the rhythms.

Week 1

The children have been working hard this week on our new 'Democracy' topic thinking about how we can represent others. We had discussions about our Queen, Parliament, the Government and MPs! The children found out who our local MP is for our area and wrote questions to find out more about his job role. We have wrote him a letter in the hope that he may come and visit us!

Our Class story this half term will be 'Zeus on the Loose' by John Dougherty


One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.