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Autumn 1


Last Thursday was Race for Life. The children really enjoyed it and we have raised money for a good cause. We are currently in the process of making a healthy nutritious snack that is teeth and digestive friendly. We are making mueseli bars and we are going to share them with the grown ups who come and join us tomorrow. I have changed the format for tomorrow so we are now going to do a little bit of measuring, designing and constructing. So I hope you come prepared full of artistic ideas for designing a package for our healthy snack.

Week beginning 3/10/16

Last week Miss Morris demonstrated how the digestive system worked. Now we know what happens to our food when it is digested.


The Digestive system

The Digestive system 1
The Digestive system 2
The Digestive system 3
The Digestive system 4
The Digestive system 5
The Digestive system 6
The Digestive system 7
The Digestive system 8
The Digestive system 9
The Digestive system 10
The Digestive system 11
The Digestive system 12
The Digestive system 13
The Digestive system 14
The Digestive system 15
Next Thursday 13th October is our parent afternoon. We hope to have a lovely afternoon playing board and card games.

Week beginning 26.09.16

This week we have been learning where our food goes once it has been chewed. The digestive system has given us some laughs especially when we have been talking about poo! Pictures of our experiment will be uploaded next week.

We are enjoying PE lessons with Mr Johnson on a Tuesday afternoon. We are developing our throwing skills and learning how to play invasion games.

Last Friday we actually started to play our recorders and we actually sounded quite good.



PE with Mr Johnson

PE with Mr Johnson 1
PE with Mr Johnson 2
PE with Mr Johnson 3
PE with Mr Johnson 4
PE with Mr Johnson 5
PE with Mr Johnson 6
PE with Mr Johnson 7
PE with Mr Johnson 8
PE with Mr Johnson 9
PE with Mr Johnson 10
PE with Mr Johnson 11
PE with Mr Johnson 12
PE with Mr Johnson 13
PE with Mr Johnson 14
PE with Mr Johnson 15
PE with Mr Johnson 16
PE with Mr Johnson 17

Last week we enjoyed turning our teeth purple to see how well we had cleaned them. We cleaned them again to get rid of the plaque that was left.

The 'Egg experiment' was a great success. We placed an egg into five different types of liquid to see what effect it had on the egg shell. The children were surprised to see that it was the apple juice that caused the most damage to the shell. They came to the conclusion that apple juice could potentially have the most damaging effect on their teeth.

egg experiment

egg experiment 1
egg experiment 2
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