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Spring Term 2

Our topic this half term is 'I am Warrior' which is based on the Romans.

This half term we are reading...

Week 7

What a fantastic week! The children have been very busy as always!


In Literacy they have been creating a missing person poster for a character from the Escape from Pompeii. They are using this as a stimulus for letter writing next week. The children made their descriptions interesting by using a range of expanded noun phrases with adjectives and similes. 


In Maths they have been challenged with multiplication problems which they can now write in a column method to calculate quickly.


In Art they have been creating Roman mosaic pictures to match their designs to recreate some Roman master pieces.


The best part of our week has got to be our school trip to Doncaster Museum. The children were all excellent role models for our school showing staff their best behaviour and using their manners. They had an amazing day being archaeologists digging for Roman remains and discussing what we can learn from the things we found, dressing up as Romans and Celts, creating mosaics using real tiles, identifying Roman pottery, planning a Roman banquet calculating costs, selecting Roman gifts for slaves using descriptions to help, playing strategic battle games and most exciting of all..... examining Roman poo to find out what they ate! A messy but very fun job!


A fabulous day was had by all!


Week 6

Another busy week in Class 3. We have been learning about Boudicca, Queen of the Celts. We used the ipads and information from books to research facts and create a fact file of this warrior Queen. We then used images from the internet to create a detailed sketch of her.


In Maths we have moved on to column multiplication. To begin with some of used apparatus to multiply a number by ten. We spotted that we just add a zero to the number each time! This makes it super easy! Then we moved on to partitioning a two digit number in the sum to make the multiplication easier. We were fantastic at this!


This week it has also been assessment week! The children have totally amazed me in their Maths tests making so much progress over the year so far! Well done Class 3 keep up the great work!


The week finished with our parent session. What a fantastic turn out! Thank you so much to all the parents that were able to attend the children loved it!

The roman coil clay pots look fantastic, there were some very unique designs! Well done to you all! A brilliant way to end the week.

Week 5

In Class 3 this week we have started writing up our final drafts of the Escape from Pompeii. The children have put so much effort into these stories, I can't wait to see the end product! Keep up the hard work and perfect presentation Class 3!


In Guided reading we finished our story Leon and the Place Between, it was a fabulous story and the children were excellent at answering the questions and summarising the text, demonstrating an excellent understanding. We have now started a new book called Julius Caesar to link with our Romans topic. 


In Maths we have been calculating the perimeter and area of shapes and problem solving. We were also excited to start learning about Roman Numerals. It was a big challenge to work out the numbers!

Week 4

What a fabulous week. It was lovely to see so many of you at parents evening, I really enjoyed getting to chat to you all as well as sharing your child's learning and their achievements to date. I hope that you found the next steps useful to support progress during the next term. If you need any further support or resources to help at home my door is always open.


In RE we learnt about the importance of giving during Lent. We read the story 'The Man Who Was A Bridge' and discussed how he helped others get to safety. We discussed which other people around us give themselves to others through different ways. The children had some amazing responses and really thought about ways in which we can be kind and show people love. 


In Maths this week we have been learning about perimeter. We have been measuring shapes to find the lengths of all their sides then added them up using column addition. We found this a little tricky so may need some more practice. 


In ICT we have been using the poly mosaic tool to create pictures of Mount Vesuvius from our stories the Escape From Pompeii. 

Week 3

This week we have really enjoyed thinking about the Eucharist in RE. We had a visit from a special team called Children of The Eucharist along with Father Declan who taught us about the many ways in which God loves us. After the visit we went to church for an Adoration where we prayed to God and tried to see him through the eyes of our heart. We sang songs and said special prayers. We felt very special afterwards and felt much closer to God. We were very thankful to our visitors. 


Year four children made fabulous progress in swimming this week. They have all been very sensible and listening well to their teachers. I am very proud of their efforts. 


We also had our second dance lesson this week which was taught by a special dance teacher where we moved our bodies to different sounds and songs! We thoroughly enjoyed dancing to the pop songs and had a sing song too!

Week 2

Book Bonanza week has been fantastic! We have enjoyed sharing our favourite books, taking part in competitions, celebrating at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party and dressing up as our favourite book characters. We all looked amazing and had lots of fun. We love to read in class 3!


We spent time reading our class book 'The Escape from Pompeii' and through drama acted out the escape scene as Roman Characters. This helped us to write detailed direct speech in Literacy for our stories. 


In Science we examined the results of our experiment from last week and identified how fossils were formed through careful observations and scientific questioning. 


In Maths we have been looking at measuring length. We have been measuring objects around school in millimeters, centimeters and meters. We have been learning to convert between the measures. We need to remember there are 10mm in 1 cm, and 100cm in 1m and 1000m in 1km.


Week 1

Class 3 have had an amazing first week back! They have all settled down really well and are trying hard to set a good example of behaviour to others.


In Science we found out about Fossils, that last of our work from our Predator topic. We carried out an investigation to see how fossils are formed. We put jelly sweets to represent dead animals in layers of bread which represented the sedimentary rock. We will return next week to observe and answer our questions about fossils.


We all looked fabulous in our red, white and blue outfits today to celebrate British Values. In class we learnt about how to be a good citizen and about the fundamental British Values. We also continued our topic 'What does it mean to represent others?'. We discussed our recent visit from our local MP Mr Healey and combined this with ICT skills by typing up what we learnt about his role.

In Class 3 the adults have also been very busy this week! A beautiful display has been created of the children's Predator work now the topic is complete and a new roman temple has appeared in our classroom for the children to enjoy reading time!
One family, growing together in love and faith, flourishing in an ever-changing world. We love, we believe, we shine, we achieve.